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"Its not easy to do sexy numbers": Suja
By Moviebuzz
The career of item number girls is for a very short period. Suja has been an integral part of the Tamil and Kannada film industry as she sizzles on screen and producers feel that she is a very important factor in commercial cinema. Excerpts of an interview with Suja :

Why did you choose to become an item number girl?
I think that it's not easy to become a successful item number girl (smiles) and there is nothing wrong in it. There were great cabaret dancers like Silk Smitha, Disco Shanti and even Ramya Krishna had balanced her acting and item numbers with ease. Look at actress Devayani today, she had done an item song in a swim suit early in her career. So even I have the chance to turn into a heroine any time.

But you are branded as an item girl?
That’s ok. But a time may come when I will do a performance oriented role. I did the second heroine role in ‘Masala’ opposite Vishal Hegde. And remember that I did not come as an item dancer in my debut film ‘Varnajalam’.

So you enjoy what you are doing?
There is nothing wrong in doing dance numbers. Like I told you it’s not easy to do sexy numbers. For me whatever I have done is glamorous not vulgar.

How many films have you done so far?
I have done seven Tamil, six Kannada and three Malayalam films.

How did you enter the industry?
I was 14 years when my neighbour in Chennai, who was a cameraman approached me. It was not easy to get permission from my family as they thought that I was a ‘Kolandhe’ (child). But I was determined and fought with them and finally got the green signal. I had to even tell them that one day I will stand in front of them with a National Award!

Can you name some of the films?
After "Varnajalam" in Tamil I have done “Plus 2”, “Ullakadathal”, “Maayavi”, “Maamu”, “Kadhal Saiviram”. In Kannada I have done item songs in “Udees”, “Yeshwanth”, “Jyeshta”, “Gunna” and now in “Masala” starring Sunil and Radhika I am second heroine.

On what basis you accept an item song?
The song I accept should be prominent and good. I have certain limitations to the costume I wear and is not willing to do vulgar steps.

How do you keep yourself trim and slim?
I work-out a lot. In the evenings time I don’t miss eating ice creams (smiles). I don’t keep any tensions in my mind and is a happy person.