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`'Aptha Mithra` has saved my life`: Dwarakesh
By Moviebuzz
Dwarakesh is on cloud nine after the mega success of ‘Aptha Mithra’ that has turned into the biggest money spinner in recent times. The film has made around of 10 crores in 30 weeks of screening. The producer and comedy actor Dwarakesh is filled with joy as he speaks to

You have been around since 1969 producing, directing and acting in films. Is this is a dream come true for you?
Aptha Mithra has saved my life. This film has brought back the smile on my face after 18 years.

Dream merchants like me, Ravichandran and Ramu always deserve such hits as we are passionate about cinema. I have been tested by God for nearly 18 years as I lost everything by producing films. I had sold my properties in Chennai and Bangalore, lived a frugal life, underwent an open heart surgery but never lost hope. I am a great optiimistic.

Has Aptha Mithra covered all your losses?
Definitely! I do not have to worry. Myself and Vishnuvardhan have been a hit pair on Kannada screen since 1974. Films like Kalla Kulla had been appreciated and now with Aaptha Mitra we have bounced back.

How many films you have made so far?
I have made 47 films under the ‘Dwarakish Chitra’ since 1969. The first film I made was Mayor Muthanna starring Dr.Rajkumar. I made the film with a small budget and it gave rich returns for me. Now after 35 years Aptha Mithra gave me utmost satisfaction and it will celebrate silver jubilee.

What are the other films that completed silver jubilee in your banner?
Films like Nyaya Ellidhe, Nee Baredha Kadambari, Shruthi and Indina Ramayana have been silver jubilee hits.

Why did you decide to settled down in Chennai?
I don’t want to rake up the controversy. When I left in 1982 to Chennai I was No.1 producer and today I am back again as producer and hold the same position with ‘Aptha Mithra’.

What has this success taught you?
I have decided not to take risks in future. Only two persons in our country at the age of 62 went through a lot of trouble in their life. One is Amitabh Bachan and another one is Dwarakesh. I will tap the door of my debtors and clear their loans.

Coming to the tremendous public response……
People of Karnataka have always appreciated good cinema and the film is enjoyed by people of all ages. There is no sex, violence or vulgarity. There is not even a villain in the film. I am getting positive feedback from everyone; even people who have not gone to theatres for past 20 years are going to watch the film. And they say it is a well made film and they are expecting another film from Vishnuvardhana and Dwarakish combination.

Anyone whom you would like to thank for this success?
Vishnuvardhana has made me to win and late Soundarya made me to gain. I cry even now when I see her on screen. The last film in her career was for my banner and it worries me a lot. On the whole ‘Aptha Mithra’ saved my life.

You are close to Rajnikanth. Have you sought the distribution of ‘Chandramukhi’?
No. Rajni had seen ‘Aptha Mithra’ several times and appreciated me and my team. Like how ‘Aptha Mithra’ has given life to ‘Dwarakish Chitra’, I hope that ‘Chandramukhi’ will give life to ‘Shivaji Films’.