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'My future is in Kannada cinema': Daisy
By Moviebuzz
Daisy Bopanna (alias Anjali) the glam girl has grabbed the attention in two years with very few films in Kannada and the Hindi film Garam Masala directed by Priyadarshan. She is now taking an acid test in Kannada film Thavarina Siri opposite Shivrajkumar playing the village belle role.

Speaking to at Atria Hotel this bubbly actress speaks about her past, present and future.

Can you give us a brief background on yourself and career in the past?
I hail from Coorg district and I studied in Aurobindo School. I am basically a model and made my debut in Kannada with Bimba directed by Kavitha Lankesh. I have staged some English plays. When I was working with Spandana theatre camp of B. Jayasri, I got a good role in ‘Bhagwan’ opposite Darshan that was partially re-shot for Telugu version. The Telugu version is yet to release. Then I did a film with Ravi Teja in Telugu. I have completed a film opposite Akshay Kumar ‘Garam Masala’ in Hindi directed by Priyadarshan. I have finished my portion in ‘Rama Shama Bhama’ and I have some scenes with Kamal Hassanji and Ramesh Aravind.

Are you happy with your career graph?
Not yet, I have miles to go. Film industry looks upon actresses as mere glam dolls. I am not against doing such roles, but I wish that I could get a few roles that provide me ample scope to perform.

How was the response for you for your lead role in Bhagwan?
I am not hundred percent happy and looking back, I think that I could have done better.

What is your role in Garam Masala?
(Smiles) Flirting with Akshay Kumar! It is yet to release. I agreed to do the film as Priyadarshan is a big director and the banner was also good.

What are your future plans?
I think my future is in Kannada cinema. After Bimba, Bhagwan and Rama Shama Bhama, I am doing a village belle role opposite Shivrajkumar in Thavarina Siri. Om Saiprakash is directing this film and I have chance to showcase my talent.

Your dream roles?
The roles that Karishma Kapoor did in Zubeida and Suhasini’s Amrutha Varshini were the films that I wished I did!