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"I produce good cinema" : Sudeep
By Moviebuzz
Sudeep is Kannada flm industry’s fastest rising young hero who had bagged the best actor award for Swatimuthu at the Film Fans Association award. His films ‘Nammanna’ and ‘My Autograph’ are ready to hit the screens. Hubli, Gooli, Thirupathi and Porki are his upcoming ventures. Excerpts of an interview:

Why are you accepting only mass commercial films?
It’s not true. Maybe the titles of my films give the message that they are mass commercial potboilers. But they are all with good messages. And I am interested in doing all kinds of films in different genres. Remember that I had done ‘Huchcha’ (remake of the Tamil Sethu).

Are you going by what your fans expect from you?
Sometimes we have to accept what the audiences want. And producers sign you up after seeing the potential in you.

But you make good cinema under your home banner?
Yes, films like Sparsha, Swathi Muthu (both ran for 100 days and given awards for Sudeep) and the current one ‘My Autograph’ are my kind of films that give me immense satisfaction.

. How has ‘My Autograph’ shaped out?
It was a film that required a lot of time to make. I even forgot that I am the producer, while directing and acting in the film. There were no compromises made at all. The film is slated for release in December. Nammanna is releasing in November.

Which is your immediate launch?
‘Thirupathi’is my next film and I am yet to get into the skin of the character.