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'I am not expensive': Ravichandran
By Moviebuzz
V.Ravichandran, the showman of Kannada cinema (Actor, director, producer, story, screenplay, dialogue, lyrics writer, music director and editor)is on a roll. He is the owner of three decades old ‘Ishwari Pictures', one of teh reputed banners in Kannada cinema. The actor has reinvented himself and is busy with a handful of films. Excerpts of an interview

You seem to be upset with the style of functioning of other directors?
That is because most of the directors under whom I work do not meet my style of presentation or marketing of films.

So you have decided to reinvent yourself as an actor?
I will be a very good student when I am working as an actor for other banners and directors. I will just act and get out (smiles).

How long do you want to be a student?
As long as they want to me just to act. For Odahuttidavalu, Ravi Shastri, Ugadi, Neelakanta, Dashakanta and a few others in the pipeline, I will be like an obedient student.

They have to give me the full responsibility of the final shape of the film from the beginning to end.

They say you are very expensive. Please comment
I don’t charge much. I have suggested for a package deal that includes acting, story, screenplay, music, lyrics, editing etc. I have worked on the deadline after my home banners like 'Shanthi Kranthi' ten years ago and Aham Premasmi' very recently was a debacle.

Will we get to see Ravichandran "all in one" very soon?
I require a few months time to clear my old debts. I am clearing the debts by accepting a few films from other banners. I have two interesting projects getting ready in my laptop…(smiles)

Could you elaborate on that?
One is titled as 'Naa'. I will be in seven different get ups. Another one is a unique way of narration on screen. In that film the first half will be narrated via steady camera what it captures in an apartment. When the audiences come out in the interval they will be having several questions in mind. They will be asked to give their opinion on what should happen. When they get in for post interval they will be thrilled and surprised. I am trying to do something for the first time in Indian cinema.