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`This success is very special to me`
By Moviebuzz
Surpassing poverty and insult in life, `Comedy Time` Ganesh has catapulted to dizzy heights with the recent blockbuster Mungaru Male. 'Mungaru Male' has earned more than 30 Crores in 140 days and it is sure to complete silver jubilee in at least 25 centers in Karnataka. His program on Udaya TV 'Comedy Time' had in fact given him this ample popularity. The rain of applause and offers that came to him from 'Mungaru Male' is something beyond imagination and it is limitless.

In an exclusive chat with this lively actor spoke about various topics. Excerpts

Finally , you have emerged winner after all the hardships…
(Smiles) It looks like that. I have struggled with my sibling earnings, worked in garage but never lost hope. My image in Udaya TV’s 'Comedy Time' has come as a big boon for me in the beginning days of my career.

The coming years seems to be promising for you in mainstream cinema. Will you continue to work in small screen?
I would see to it that I appear at least two days in a week in 'Comedy Time' that has crossed 1000 episodes.

Appearing in a pleasant and pure family film 'Mungaru Male', have you changed your objectives?
I have decided not to do larger-than-life action hero roles. It is not the rowdy subjects but feel-good factor that won me all this appreciation and love from family audiences in Karnataka. . I am not going to touch political based films. The reason is that audiences have given me a place in their hearts. Children and elders wept after they saw 'Mungaru Male'. I owe a lot to my producer E.Krishnappa, director Yogaraj Bhat, music director Mano Murthy and cameraman Krishna.

You have a series of films…..
I am doing the remake of Tamil hit 'Kadhal' for reputed director S.Narayan. It is titled 'Cheluvina Chittara'. I have accepted this film because it reminded my earlier days in life. I have finished 'Hudugaata' for producer Babu Reddy. Two songs in that film music scored by Jassi Gift is appearing in MTV shortly. I am now getting ready physically fit for various kinds of roles. My next film is ' Krishna'. After this 'Arammane' and two more films I am doing. I have given call sheet to my friends Nagasekhar, M.D.Sridhar who directed my first 100 days film 'Chellata' and Ravi.

'Mungaru Male' has given an overseas market for Kannada films. Please comment…..
Earlier many of the films have been screened in USA, Australia and Middle East. Noted thing is that 'Mungaru Male' got screening time in many parts of India. People from Tamil Nadu cross the hill and come to place like Kollegal to watch 'Mungaru Male'. It was super hit in London.

Is it possible to keep the comedy element in all your forth coming films?
I try my level best to keep the audience entertained and make them laugh. In 'Mungaru Male', I make the audience not only laugh but think. 75 percent of the film was shot in rain. I was hospitalized for 15 days after the shoot is over because of vitamin deficiency. There was lot of struggle for the entire team of 'Mungaru Male'.

Have you become more responsible after the success?
Yes, of course. My responsibility is increasing when they call me the 'Golden Star'. Give me power to do best is what I ask the Kannada filmdom.

You have become a brand ambassador too….
Yes. I have signed for Reliance India. Now the news is that in the "Halo Tuner" 97 percent of the people are downloading 'Mungaru Male' song – this is a record in the national level.

What is your dream?
I would like to build a house that will be called as 'Hasanmukhi' (ever smiling). I want to bring my parents, brothers and aunt's children to this house. I want to give education to my aunt's children from my earnings.

What is that you believe?
I believe strongly in having talent and God’s blessings. It is after 12 years slogging in life I have found the success today. It’s very special to me (smiles)