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"Ups and downs are normal": Shivrajkumar
By Moviebuzz
Irrespective of success or failures Kannada superstar Shivarajkumar is in demand because of his down to earth principles and professional ethics. He is the savior of losses of number of producers since a long time. Most of the good qualities he imbibed are from his father icon Dr.Rajakumar. Shivanna as he is popularly known as is contemplating on direction and moving to new house in October this year.

Shivrajkumar in conversation on the sets of Satya in Love near HMT auditorium in Bangalore.

How was the last one year for you?
Ups and downs are normal in every actor's life. Off late, newcomers are doing well in Kannada cinema. An actor like me give fullest cooperation would do wonder is what I feel. I am extremely happy with the success of 'Mungaru Male' and 'Dhuniya'. Kannada industry has become very busy. We are hiring technicians from outside.

What do your opinion about newcomers?
The young heroes are hardworking, full of new ideas and do their homework well. Technically too they are far ahead. I have given very good support to all newcomers who approached me. The recent one is 'Sathya in Love' where Genelia is the heroine. The debut director of 'Sathya in Love' Raghav Loki has done a tremendous job. He has no confusion and is crystal clear in his thoughts.

Recently you got irritated to a speculated media report?
That is about wrong signals a tabloid has sent in a report. Everyone knows nothing clumsy has taken place. Why should they report with question marks? Dr.Rajkumar sons have never behaved with jealous mind. We welcomed everyone. My father never taught such foul things to creep in our mind. We lived in joint family. We know the difficulty of people. The artist unity is great.

About your dream to become a director?
I wanted to direct my icon father in a social film. Now sometime by end of next year I would take up direction. I have my brother Puneeth Rajkumar and versatile actor Ananthnag in my mind. Ananthnag is such a brilliant actor I adore him very much.

You have built a new house. Please comment?
Yes on Hebbal ring road on a 3/4th of an acre I have built a spacious house. The house- warming celebration will be held on October 18. One thing about this house is that my father Dr.Raj visited this house on April 5th 2006 and looked at the whole house and a separate room for him. He praised me because this is the first house I am building in our family so far. All the houses we live in and the one at Chennai are ready made houses purchased.

Who has taken care of interiors?
I only wanted it to be spacious. The entire architecture care is taken by my wife Geetha.

Your forthcoming films?
I have 'Gandana Mane' ready for release on 24th of August. Next to release is 'Lava Kusha' where in I am with Upendra, Charmi and Jennifer Kotwal. Then 'Sathya in Love' is set for release in December end this year. I have films for director Mahesh Babu, Naganna, Mahim, Ananthu and Ravi Srivatsa. There are three home productions from our family coming up.