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“Gossips don’t bother me”: Pooja Gandhi
By Moviebuzz
"I am loyal to my work. I am disciplined and dedicated to my profession. I don't care for gossips. The majority of people with whom I moved have been nice" – Says Pooja Gandhi about the recent gossip in a tabloid about her. She terms her alleged links with Karnataka politicians as baseless rumours.

This 'Mungaru Male' lucky heroine from New Delhi is a Punjabi. She has completed 10 films in a span of 15 months. Excerpts of an interview

What is your role in 'Maharshi'?
In 'Maharshi' I play Manasi. I am looking out for good roles that bring out more acting possibilities. As far as I’m concerned, every film is special. Though Maharishi is an action based film, it has its share of romance and glamour. There is a speed in narration. The role is similar to the one I have done in 'Kokki' Tamil film.

How do you select films?
For me the producer and script should be interesting. The film released so far Mungaru Male, Krishna, Hani Hani and guest roles in Milana, Manmatha are all quite different from one another. The films like Kodagana Koli Nungitha, Tata Birla, Taj Mahal are going to give me new mileage.

Do gossips bother you?
I don't care about it. I think its part and parcel of being an actress. I know the truth and majority of media know the truth. So its better to ignore such news.

After the mega success 'Mungaru Male' you have been in top slot in Kannada. Please comment?
(Smiles) I am happy to know that. Success is always good. I have even moved from Mumbai to Bangalore. My sister Radhika Gandhi has also made debut her Kannada debut in Chickmagalura Chikkamallige'. The number of offers I am getting daily is really impressive.

Is money or good role more important for you?
Good role and good name first. When I get good roles and I perform it obviously I am in demand. When the demand increases naturally money follows (Laughs).

You had a problem with the producers of 'Ganga Cauvery'?
They had my dates but they did not go by their commitment. On this issue I approached Film Chamber of commerce and waited for producer and director to come and sort out the issue. They did not come and I opted out of the film 'Ganga Cauvery'. At this time one top star of Kannada cinema helped me.

You are picking up Kannada fast it seems?
Remember that I promised on the day I met media first time on the sets of 'Mungaru Male' that I will learn Kannada. I am now able to speak Kannada.