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I don’t want to disappoint my fans: Puneeth
By Moviebuzz
For the highest paid actor in the Kannada film industry, acting comes naturally. These days, he spends less time in Bangalore as he is busy shooting all over the world. His last two films have been hits. He expects to continue the dream run. Excerpts

Raam has been successful. So was Raj, The Showman. What’s next?
Meeting the expectations of my fans has always been a challenge. Whenever my fans walk out of the theatre after watching the movie, I don’t want them to be disappointed. Fortunately, I have been able to deliver consistently. Currently, I am shooting for Prithvi. Then, I have to prepare for Jackie. I am also involved in the Kannada remake of Tamil flick Nadodigal. I am also expecting to close a deal with Yogaraj Bhat. My hands are full (Smiles).

What is the secret behind the success of your films?
Hmmm(thinking), my brother Raghanna (Raghavendra Rajkumar) is completely in-charge of my career. Before I listen to any new script or discuss about a movie offer, Raghanna examines them. Without his approval, I do not go ahead with any project. He is very intelligent and has helped me shape my career in a highly successful manner. In his hey days, Raghanna delivered many hits. I am very fortunate to have his guidance.

There are very few stars who can sing. You have emulated your father in becoming a successful playback singer.
I do not know how this happened. I have been singing since childhood. As a child artiste, I sang many tracks for my films. Somehow, film-makers insist that I sing at least one song for my film these days. You won’t believe me…I get scared whenever I face the microphone. I give up when the music director is unhappy with my performance. But fortunately, all my tracks have been well received.

You are considered the number one dancer in the Kannada film industry…
I completely disagree with you on that. Elder brother Shivanna (Shivarajkumar) is 40 plus and he still dances like a dream. When compared to his dance, mine is simple. I have a lot to learn from him. Of course, there are other good dancers in Kannada films.

Any dream role?
I don’t believe in such dream roles. As an actor, my aim is to excel in any role assigned to me. But the role has to do justice to the script. It necessarily need not be a romantic hero or a comical character. I just love enjoying the role assigned to me. I have enjoyed role that has been assigned to me so far.