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By: Savitha

Malasree's very name sends her fans into a swoon. She rose to fame rapidly in Kannada filmdom with 'Nanjundi Kalyana' and has held her own ever since. The dream girl who chalked out an enviable position for herself ruled the industry from 1990-1993 working three shifts a day and earned money and fame unparalleled in the Kannada film industry.

Malasree was haunted by controversies though. Her rash statement published in the Tamil edition of India Today that ''even a monkey acting opposite me would automatically become a success'' cost her dearly career wise. Her alleged affair with actor Shashikumar (the present Member of Parliament) and Sunil (the handsome actor who grew with Malasree's support de-stabilised her position in the industry and society as well.

It is now the talk of the town that a slim Malasree weighing 14 kgs lesser is back again after three years of exile with ‘Chamundi’, a film produced by her husband Ramu. Savitha in conversation with this sensation of the Kannada industry on the sets of 'Chamundi'. Excerpts:

Q: When you look back what do you think of your career?

A: People gave me a very good status that I would not have achieved on my own. Success and failure are like a 'snakes and ladder game'. No hero or heroines of Indian cinema have ever been 100 percent successful. The ups and downs in my career have not affected my popularity. Even after being away from the limelight, people have come and mobbed me, kissed my hand, showing their affection for me.

Q: Do you think you made mistakes in the early days of your career?

A: To err is human. I kept on accepting offers without bothering about the story and I had to pay for that mistake. I did not give priority to money and I was very immature in certain aspects.

Q: After being a top heroine you were downgraded to minor roles. Did you not feel upset about it?

A: In all the films I have done so far, I have had only major roles. Even after 10 years in the industry, my position in Kannada films has not changed. I have done serious, comic, action, and sentimental roles. In the film 'Hello' I enacted seven roles . I don't think I'll ever have to do inconsequential roles.

Q: Is it because you have admirable support from your famous and successful husband producer Ramu that you feel so confident of always being in demand?

A: I do get wonderful support from my husband. He is an excellent human being. We decided to work together in all his projects and the result has come after a long wait with 'Chamundi'. I have done an action role in it.

Q: Do you give advice to your husband in his ventures?
A: Mr. Ramu does not need my advice. On the contrary I take advice from him. He is a very intelligent and clever man .He is a very warm and jovial person.

Q: What sort of an image would you like to have in the industry?
A: I admire Dr. Rajkumar and like him I would like to remain in the hearts of the audience forever. Among actresses B.Saroja Devi and late Savithri are my favourites.