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Ram Kumar
He has the face fit for a ‘chocolate’ hero. He is cheerful and seems to know what is in store for him in coming days. He works relentlessly but the success is staying away from him. Nearly 45 films to his credit, Ram is still waiting.

Ram, the boy who used to carry posters and cut outs of Dr.Rajkumar, is the son-in-law of the same star he adores. Besides that he is the son of famous Kannada film producer Shringar Nagaraj who made a silent film ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ (starring Kamal Hasan and Amala). Ram firmly believes that life is an institution by itself. Learning from the past mistakes and the experiences of others, ensures a stable and better future. The aspiring, ambitious and confident looking Ram spoke to

Q: What’s going wrong in your career even after doing 13 films?

A: I am not at fault. I agree that I am not that successful. I have made introspection several times.

Q: Do you think the people have accepted you as hero?

A: Otherwise do you think the producers would have called me and given me these roles. Moreover I get a fan mail of 30 to 40 letters a day. So the people have accepted me and want me to do more films.

Q: You are the son-in-law of Dr.Rajkumar. Has it helped you?

A: Not at all, I never wanted that to happen either. It is only a matter of time. It is sheer bad luck that my films didn’t do well. But I have not lost hope.

Q: Don’t you think you made a wrong choice by staying only in Kannada films?

A: I love my state and language. I feel that there is bright future here for me. This land has given me recognition and then why should I go to other languages. I am more comfortable here.

Q: In a nutshell can you explain your position?

A: Well, I am an optimistic and feel that hard work will definitely pay. I am waiting patiently for that day.