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With a four months baby girl Trishal Avanthika talented South Indian actress Kushboo surfaced in Kannada film ‘Aunty Preethse’ once again after a moderate hit ‘Chamundi’. In Chamundi, Kushboo played elder sister to Malashri, as an advocate and in this come back Kannada film she is ‘Aunty’ opposite Ananthnag. She has put on a lot of weight, but the old charm is still there. Excerpts from an interview with this intelligent and delightful actress-

Q: What are your plans for Kannada movies?

A: ‘I have decided to shoot in the interiors of Karanataka and only work between 10 to 6’ - the reason I want to care for my little girl.

Q: On your graduation from running around trees to serious mature roles.

A: I have been appearing in similar roles in Telugu and Tamil films. Already I have done a film with Sathyaraj, directed by P.Vasu in Tamil and has signed a Telugu film with Ramki as hero where I play a mother of two kids. In Kannada version of Telugu hit film ‘Aunty’ I am 30 plus ‘Aunty’and three young boys are behind me.

Q: Will you allow your daughter to act as a child artist like you started your career?

A: Making children act is child labour. At the movement both me and my husband, director C.Sundar have decided not to make my girl work in movies. I have missed out the innocence of childhood and I will not allow my daughter to repeat my failures.

Q: What is your opinion on the remake syndrome in Kannada films.

A: Remakes are everywhere. Earlier Kannada films were remade in other languages. Now most of the films made in Kannada are remakes. It’s OK, as it has created a boom in Kannada movies, which helps the industry. Unlike Tamil remakes in Kannada are faithful to the original version.