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Bony, blissful Bhavana armed with two State awards has not been able to win the race in the box office. She has the looks, attitude, ability and courage but still something is missing in her.

At present with handful of offers this former Bharathanatyam exponent believes strongly that the beauty and ability to perform are the major requisites. In her third year of career Bhavana is booked for many films in Kannada and a few Tamil films. In fact soon after her education in Davanagere she wanted to join the Army, but destiny proved otherwise.

She says talent is like holding too many degree certificates and aspiring for a small job. It had happened in the same way for Bhavana as after her first Tulu film Maribale which got recognition at the State level she got noticed further for her daring cop role in No.1 Kannada film. As she found the going easy her inconsequential film Nee Mudida Mallige brought her sour experience. She came to sandalwood as Kannada film industry is called, at a time when the industry was looking for fresh faces with talent, as there is a major dearth for heroines in Kannada. But Bhavana missed the bus here as she got offers from Tamil films. The two films she did in Kannada with Kokila Mohan Anbulla Kadalikku and Nakshatra Kadal bombed and her career was practically over.

Again she got a meaty role in debutant director Seetharam Karanth’s Chandramukhi Pranasakhi, where she was pitted opposite the talented Prema, but still the film bombed though she got rave reviews and the industry accepted her as a talented actress. Due to her bony body structure, she did not get glamour roles. Once again she did Kavitha Lankesh’s Deveeri which got Aravindan Puraskar award. By doing arty films she has virtually closed the doors to mainstream commercial cinema.

Bhavana does not bank too much on her forthcoming films. In the recent released film Rashtrageethe she got a vamp role from noted director K.V.Raju and it became prestige question for her. She was not in a position to denounce the offer, as the director was a stalwart. The film Deepavali was also a similar case. Director and cinematographer of Malayalam films Dinesh Babu offered her a meaty role opposite Ramesh Aravind but to Bhavana’s bad luck Deepavali, also starring Vishnuvardhan bombed miserably at the box office. Said a peeved Bhavana: “I have to wait for a breakthrough or else make my own films to succeed.”

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