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Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi

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"Bring Ravichandran from Bangalore to Indraloka to say something about love", says the character played by Upendra in KVSS.

His oft repeated `aage peeche, upar neeche, andar baahar` dialogues brought the house down. Real Star Upendra`s dialogues and the production values of Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi are the highlights of the film.

The movie has many sequences inspired from Sr. NTR`s Yamagola (1977), Jr. NTR`s film Yamagola (2007), Rajinikanth`s Yamanukku Yaman and Chiranjeevi-Sridevi film Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari to name a few.

The strength of the movie lies in the racy narration of the first half, performance and dialogue delivery of Upendra and the grand sets.

The second half is not as entertaining as the first half as many sequences are predictable and are borrowed from other successful non-Kannada films.

Upendra is a common man (his name in the film is `Mass Manushya`) who wants to become a Don. He meets the once notorious Don Muththappa Rai to realise his dream.

In a confrontation with the villain, Mass Manushya gets killed and he goes to Yamaloka. Since he has performed equal number of mistakes and good deeds, Yama orders him to spend fifteen days in hell and another fifteen in heaven. Meanwhile, Mass falls in love with Indra`s daughter, Indraja (Ramya).

How Mass Manushya seeks his revenge and outwits Yama who tries to corner him in `Bhooloka` forms the rest of the story.

Upendra rules with his performance. Ambareesh proves his versatility with a credible performance. Ramya should have done a little more homework to carry off her role. And since Ramya did not dub for the movie, her performance is below par.

Doddanna, Sridhar and Ajay carried off their roles perfectly. H.C.Venu`s cinematography is brilliant. Hari Krishna`s songs may not be very good, but the songs `Jhumka`, `Parijatha` and `Muththinantha` are good. Joni Harsha`s editing also needs to be appreciated.

Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi is entertaining in the first half, but fails in the second half. It is a must watch for children and Upendra fans for the dialogues and the elements of fantasy.

Rating: Three stars


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