'Kathakali'-Audio review

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 25, 2015 10:25 hrs

Cast: Vishal,Catherine Teresa,Karunas
Music: Hiphop Thamizha
Direction: Pandiyaraj

Album Analysis:
Singers: Hiphop Thamizha
Easily, the pick of the lot! ‘Azhage’ is yet another peppy romantic track sung by Aadhi in his usual style. The ‘ponmalai chaaral’ portions deserve a special mention as they are catchy to the core. The song sets the tone for montage picturization on screen. Addictive Earworm!

Kathakali Theme
Singers: Hiphop Thamizha
The pulsating theme music! Loaded with heavy percussion & typical Kathakali instruments, the theme music tries to develop the sense of mood for the film. There are traces of dubstep fused with these instruments as well. Expect this to feature extensively in the re-recording & title sequence.
Erangi Vandhu
Singers: Hiphop Thamizha, Anthony Dasan
A mandatory ‘kuthu’ track to please the front benchers. Shades of auto-tuning are there throughout the rendition. The arrangements are somewhat jarring and reminds us of ‘Madras to Madurai’ track from Aambala. The nadaswaram ridden interludes are typical Aadhi-ish. The entire track is too loud for us to sink in and enjoy it.

Kathakali Whistle
Singers: Hiphop Thamizha
Kathakali Whistle starts off a bit pleasant and takes a more serious tone as it progresses. This track serves more like an extension of the theme music and works better at that. Impactful!

After a roaring ‘Thani Oruvan’, Hiphop Thamizha plays to the gallery of the movie here by sticking to the movie’s demands. A romantic number, a kuthu number & couple of theme music pieces make the album crisp & to the point.

Picks from the album: Azhage, Kathakali Whistle
Album Verdict: Short album with Hiphop Thamizha’s signature!
Album Rating: 3/5

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