Kathal Seyya Virumbu

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 28 May 2005

Movie Title

Kathal Seyya Virumbu



Star Cast

S.ASanthosh, Manivannan, Srisha, Asvita

Kathal Seyya Virumbu keeps up to its promise in the publicity blurb and is a B- grade skin flick. It is a crass film which depends mainly on its heroine Srisha?s anatomy and can be classified as a soft-porn movie.

The plot of writer-director Bhargavan is far fetched- Santosh (S.A.Santhosh) had a bitter experience with a girl (Asvita) during his college days in Coimbatore. This girl who is very outgoing and modern did not mind having sex before marriage! But out poet guy who is na?ve and straightforward believes in the institution of marriage.

The girl finally ditches him for another guy, which creates havoc in Santhosh?s life. He gets an admission in a Chennai college where another girl falls in love with him. This time he wants to bed her before falling in love! It has the weirdest concept that simply falls flat.

The camera of Salai Sahadevan hovers around the anatomy of the girls. There were 21 cuts in dialogues, scenes and lyrics of songs! Eureka (?) has written the smutty lyrics for music director GRam (?) who has rehashed old popular songs. Anita Udeep?s husky voice has been used in the song Rahasiya Thiruda? which sounds similar to her earlier Azhagiya Asura? hit number.

Alas Kathal Seyya Virumbu isn?t sinfully enticing enough as there is no script and all actors are B grade. The message from the film is regressive.

Verdict: Stay Away

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