Kaththi Sandai-Audio review

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 27, 2016 10:43 hrs
'Kaththi Sandai' audio launched!

Cast: Vishal, Tamannah, Vadivelu, Suri
Music: Hiphop Thamizha
Direction: Suraj

Album Analysis:

Idhayam Idhayam
Singer: Khareshma Ravichandran
Looks like Khareshma Ravichandran reserves her best for Hip Hop Thamizha! After the successful ‘Kadhal Cricket’, the combo strikes again with ‘Idhayam Idhayam’. The arrangements sound unique. The tune has a pep attributed to it. Even the nadaswaram & veena portions are electronically enhanced in a good way & the humming portions in the interludes are rendered particularly well. The album’s best track!

Kaththi Sandai Theme
Singer: Hip Hop Thamizha
Those who expect a pulsating & riveting instrumental track are in for a bit of a surprise. ‘Kaththi Sandai Theme’ starts off with a violin section accompanied by electronically enhanced synthesisers. The track progresses to some powered vocals that ups the ante of the tune. Would be interesting to see how this gets used in the movie.

Kaththi Sandai
Singers: Hip Hop Thamizha, Sniggy
We heard this loop in the trailer of the movie itself. ‘Kaththi Sandai’ has a lot of scope to be the ‘dance track’ of the album. The composition is a rap EDM fusion & the main instrumental hook is catchy. The rest of the rap portions are forgettable though. 

Ellame Kaasu
Singers: Hip Hop Thamizha, Mark Antony
Probably the least impressive song in the album! ‘Ellame Kaasu’ would probably be the song that establishes the hero’s character in the movie. The tune is not easily the ‘sing along’ type. The beats seem rushed & the influx of fast paced percussions at the end, made it more chaotic.

Naan Konjam Karuppu
Singer: Hip Hop Thamizha
The single that came out first! ‘Naan Konjam Karuppu’ is a fan-friendly, ‘hero going behind the heroine’ type song. The arrangements are a bit retro & the tune is easily catchy. Hip Hop Thamizha does the rendition impressive & carries off the high pitched portions well.
On the whole, ‘Kaththi Sandai’ is a mixed bag with couple of interesting tracks like ‘Idhayam Idhayam’ & ‘Kaththi Sandai’. Maybe the usage of versatile choice of singers would have made a difference for the album overall. 

Picks from the album: Idhayam Idhayam, Kaththi Sandai
Album Verdict: The Vishal-Hip Hop Thamizha combination has given us better in the past!

Album Rating: 3/5

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