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Thursday 9 September 2004

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Mammootty. Padmapriya, Kalabhavan Mani, Innocent

Kazhcha showcases the talents of debutant Blessy, who has blessed Malayalam cinema with a powerful and poignant story. Blessy must be given full credit along with Mammootty in making a film that restores your faith in good cinema. Three Cheers to these daring and bold innovators who have proved that even today meaningful cinema will have an audience.

The story is about a Gujarati Kutch boy Pavan(Yash) a victim of the tragic earthquake that occurred in the state in 2001. Separated from his family and home Pawan finds himself among street children of Kuttanad in Kerala. Madhavan (Mammootty) a touring 16 mm-film operator who projects his film in temples and church festivals becomes his savior. Pawan sticks to Madhavan amd slowly they start bonding without understanding each others language (the boy speaks Kutch Hindi).

Madhavan brings him home and his wife Lakshmi (Padmapriya), daughter Ambili (Sanusha) and parent?s starts adoring the little boy in no time. Pawan become a part of their family and he also becomes a hero when he saves Madhavan?s daughter from drowning. But this publicity does him no good as he finds himself caught in a legal tangle culminating in a sad but realistic end. The audiences are left with a lump in their throat after watching this touching tale of Madhavan and Pawan.

The biggest asset of Kazhcha is the story and screenplay by Blessy, (an associate of Lohithadas) which is perfect. Another plus point of the film is the racy way in which the director has been able to tell the story with right mix of comedy and sentiments woven into the plot.

Mammooty is the heart and soul of the film and he has proved once again that no actor can match up to him in such roles. His comedy timing is also perfect and not once does he step out of line to be the star that he is.

The casting is perfect as Yash suits the character of Pawan to a T and Padmapriya another debutant is a promising new star. The rest of the cast like Manoj. K.Jayan, Innocent, Augustine and a battalion of new comers have all given their best.

The camera of Azhagappan has etched the beauty of Kuttanadan locales well and the songs including a Hindi one tuned by Mohan Sitara are also good.

Verdict: Excellent

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