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Kerala Police

Kerala Police
Kalabhavan Mani,
Lakshmy Sharma,
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Kalabhavan Mani at regular intervals acts in masala potboilers which provide him with a larger than life image. He gets a 'kick' doing such kind of crass commercials usually influenced by Bollywood and Kollywood films.

Mani is back doing his favourite anti-hero action man in Chandrasekhar directed Kerala Police, where he plays a tough as nut Circle Inspector Sathyanath who finds the body of a freelance cameraman in his area and starts investigating.

Sathyanath investigates and finds that well known actress Sanjana (Lakshmy Sharma), has something to do with the murder. But Sathyanath on further investigation find that the cameraman was her ex-lover who was trying to blackmail her with her nude pictures.

Meanwhile there are other cops in the department who are gunning for Sathyanath and due to their interference; the case is handed over to the CBI. And Nandini Verma (Swarnamalya) the CBI officer who is highly critical about Kerala Police investigation takes over leading to confrontation between them.

The story credited to Vinu Narayanan is heavily inspired from Sathyaraj's 90's Tamil film Walter Vetrivel and few other cop films. Mani is loud and overacts to the hilt, Swarnamalya is fine but Lakshmy Sharma should go to an acting school before she ventures out to do films again.

On the whole Kerala Police is another Mani mass masala movie with scenes you have seen before and a weak climax, that leaves you with a migrane.

Verdict- Avoidable


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