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Bibin Prabhakar
Prithviraj, Mukesh, Manasa, Meera Vasudev, Jagathy, Nedumudi Venu
Deepak Dev
Valiyaveetil Siraj
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Director Bipin Prabhakar has chosen the story of a tough cop who has to go through some turbulent times both in his personal life and career, for his debut movie, Khaki. Scripted by T.A.Shahid who has some big hits like ‘Balettan’ and ‘Rajamanikyam’ to his credit, ‘Khakee’ never moves away from expected lines and have not much surprises in store for the viewer.

Perhaps, since Prithviraj has put on the khaki uniform of an inspector in films like ‘Sathyam’ and ‘Vargam’ in recent years; the makers have tried to bring in family sentiments too to the story. In the end, that confusion of whether to present the film as a police story or as a family drama seems to have affected Khaki to a great extent. It is neither here nor there!

Sub inspector Unnikrishnan (Prithviraj) is a daredevil who has been posted in an area where the diktats of the local kingpins have been going on unabated for long. His coming to the station mainly affects his brother Ramakrishnan (Mukesh) the most, as he is just a head constable and there by a junior in rank to his younger brother. Unnikrishnan antagonizes some of the rich and the powerful in the area straightaway. His actions even initiates rift in their family, with his sister-in-law (Meera Vasudev) being taken to her home by her father, a corrupt politician (Jagathy Sreekumar) when he was indicted in a case by the inspector.

Things begin to become even worse as the rich Peethambaran, decide to take on Unnikrishnan. It’s a cat and mouse game from then on. The absence of a genuine storyline is the main problem with Khaki. Some individual plots have been sewn together and it affects the flow of the film in general. The film’s focus drift away as a result from the main theme, which itself is nothing fascinating or worth raving about.

Prithviraj has a good screen presence and does his tough-act impressively, though his character seems to have been a continuation of his earlier police roles. Mukesh as the elder brother in uniform is most of the times, a fun to watch. Parvana (Manasa), the hero’s love interest is a TV reporter who has nothing much to do on the histrionic front. The dialogues sometimes sound too dramatic and predictable. The cinematography by Saloo George is ok ,but the music is nothing great .Khakiis half baked, one more insipid Pritviraj film, that can be skipped !

Verdict: Average


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