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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

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AR Babu

Star Cast

The film starts with murders. Within a few minutes the hero of the film Sashikumar kills four people cruelly and buries one. He is about to kill the heroine also. Just when the film is about to end, he gives a big speech and says that though he looks like a villain, in fact he is the hero.

?When a soldiers kills hundreds of enemies, you appreciate him, but condemn a civilian who does the same. Whom we consider as a hero here, might be a viilain for our enemies? are some of the arguments he proposes. The director justifies the murders and the murderer in his own way. The hero asks the heroine to tie the ?Thaali? herself, as a man tying it to a woman, is old fashion.

The other two heroes K. Sivaramu and Prabhakar are also in the film with each sharing a fight and a song, that is common to any multi-starrer film. Producer of this film B.N.Gangadhar had earlier produced a film ?Sundaraloka? with Ravichandran as the hero. That film was not released for some reason. Keeping Ravichandran?s box-office image in view, Gangadhar had used one song from ?Sundaraloka? in this film.

The relief for the audience is in the form of comedy from Rekhadas, Sadhukokila and Tennis Krishna. If somebody wants to see a film that has neither logic nor entertainment, then they are welcome to see this film ?Khalnayaka?. Sashikumar, Prabhakar, K. Shivaramu, Durgasri, Swarna, Ravali, Rekhadas, Tennis Krishna and Sadhukokila are in the cast. The film is directed by AR Babu of ?Hello Yama? fame.

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