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Thursday 19 July 2007

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Ajit, Raj Kiran, Trisha, Saranya, Vivek, Ajay

For once a Tamil remake of a Malayalam classic, lives up to our expectations. Kireedam is quality cinema, one that is daringly different from the run-of-the mill superstar films that are dished out in the name of mass movies.

High on adrenaline as well as human emotions, it turns out to be a well-packaged family entertainer. It is not your typical Ajit film as there is no larger-than-life hero bashing up a dozen men at one go or a vigilante trying to clean up the society. It is about real people and their anxieties that you can relate to ? a loving father, a sincere policeman whose dream is to see his son wear the police uniform before he retires from service.

There are many scenes and moments that touch your heart. This film wouldn't be half the film it is if it weren't for the remarkable performance of Raj Kiran and Ajit who play father and son. It has an intelligent screenplay, sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant and gripping which leaves a lump in your throat.

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Rajarajan (Raj Kiran), a policeman, is a doting father and upright head constable posted at a Tiruchi police station. Sakthivel (Ajit), his eldest son, is the apple of his eye who is waiting for his selection to the police force. Rajarajan is a policeman who follows the book and believes that policemen are guardians of the society and should do good for the public.

He has a large family of a loving wife (Saranya), two daughters with one of them married to a good-for-nothing guy (Vivek), and two sons. Meanwhile Sakthi meets Divya (Trisha) a college student and after a few comic incidents they fall in love. Both the families agree for the marriage but in a sudden turn of events, Rajarajan is given a punishment transfer for slapping the local MLA?s son who misbehaved with another policeman in public.

When Rajarajan refuses to apologise to the MLA?s son, he is transferred to Kodaikal, a notorious small town, ruled by a gangster Varadarajan (Ajay). When he arrives there, he finds that the local Sub Inspector (Ravi Kala) has been brutally beaten up by Varadan, and the cops, fearing the don, have not filed an FIR!! It is the beginning of more trouble for Rajarajan and his family, especially Sakthi, who gets sucked into a difficult situation, for no fault of his. On the day Sakthi gets selected as an SI, something untoward happens, that changes the course of their life.

Kireedam showcases Ajit as never before, it is his best performance in a very difficult role. He looks so dashing and at the same time exudes menace with his expressive body and eye language, and the climax belongs to him. Don?t miss his on-screen chemistry with Trisha, especially their romantic encounters. And Trisha can?t ask for more in an action-based family drama about father-son relationship. She spells magic on the screen with her bubbly comedy act, the naughty and talkative girl who falls for the soft spoken guy. She is irresistible, and looks great in the dream song Akkam Pakkam?, which is beautifully picturised by cameraman Tirru, with the backwaters and forest green as background.

Raj Kiran as the doting but strict disciplinarian father writes an actors` manual for impeccable acting. Saranya and K P A C Lalitha are adequate for the mother and grand ma act. The Vivek-Santhanam comedy track raises a few laughs. However, Trisha steals the thunder with her comedy antics especially in the scene when she speaks her heart out to Ajit on what she thinks about his family sitting in the water tank, as Vivek and rest of the family overhear their conversation.

On the downside, the main villain character done by Ajay is a little weak, and does not have the necessary menace in him. The introductory song of Ajit could have been better picturised. G V Prakash?s music is rocking, especially the song Kanavellam? on the father-son relationship and their aspirations with meaningful lyrics of Na. Muthukumar.

Antony?s editing is crisp without using any gimmicks, which enriches the story telling. Tirru?s camera work is eye catching and has used Vizag and Kerala locales suitably to fit in with the mood of the film. What makes the film work is the charm of the central characters, the father-son bonding, and the sentimental ending contributes considerably towards tugging at your heart strings.

The film may not be typical Ajit mass masala formula movie, but there is an elegant charm and a straight-from- the-heart feel about it. Bravo director Vijay, producer Suresh Balaje and his team for making a gutsy, daringly different film within the commercial format. It needs a lot of guts and conviction to make a realistic film without resorting to crass clich?d formula associated with a superstar film.

On the whole, Kireedam is an engaging entertainer which is so rare to find these days. Go for it!

Verdict: Good

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