Kis Kiski Kismat

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 12, 2004 09:33 hrs

This is the season of the buzzword ‘Kis'!! At least three movies are lined up for release that contain this buzzword starting with Kis Kiski Kismat, Kiss Kis Ko (starring Indian pop band 'Band Of Boys' who play themselves) and Subhash Ghai's magnum opus Kis(na)! Kis Kiski Kismat (KKK) will be the first to hit the marquee and in spite of being a Mallika Sherawat movie who has a super hit Murder to her credit, it is surprisingly being publicized in a very ordinary manner.

Coming from the team that was behind Mallika's debut as a lead heroine in Khwahish, KKK is a 'Perry Pictures' production that is directed by Govind Menon and music is by debutante D. Imman. Farhad writes the lyrics. KKK that has Siddharth Makkar as the hero opposite Mallika, also marks the return of Dharmendra to silver screen after a hiatus.

Opening number `Talk Of the Town` has a western classical feel to it and as the makers of the song like to call it, it is 'Marilyn Monroe meeting Helen'. Asha Bhonsle does well to recreate the age-old charm and the cabaret choreography is apt as well. One just wished that the cinematography could have been much more richer that would have helped the song rise above the ordinary.

Title song `Kis Kiski Kismat` by Sonu Nigam is a groovy number with a pinch of rap' n 'reggae thrown in by Premji. A situational track about the various ways people make money by hook and crook, it conveys the theme of the movie. At maximum, the track will get classified as a fun number in the movie's narrative but won't make any waves beyond that.

'Uff Ye Jawani' by Chitra is a good rhythmic track that sketches the character played by Mallika in the movie. A hummable song that portrays the lead heroine as a 'bindaas' girl who wants to rule the world, be free as a bird and have all the happiness and fun in her life, it fits Mallika's image perfectly and works well for the movie. To add to it, the foot-tapping tune is given full support by Chitra's delightful rendering.

'Shaadi Barbaadi' is a 'bhangra' celebration track about the 'discomforts' attached with one getting married. Strong Punjabi flavor makes the number a strong contender to be choreographed on Dharmendra.

The number sung by Kunal Ganjawala may appeal to a few in the northern belt but an all-India acceptance is ruled out due to its regional feel. In addition, the number is just an addition to an already saturated Punjabi tunes that are found in every other Hindi movie album.

At this moment an experimental number 'Garamaagaram Gossip' makes an appearance, which is, as the title conveys, a number about 'gossip' and how it spread around from ear to ear. The number succeeds due to its unique nature and the way it has been composed.

The track sung by the music director D. Imman and Suchitra has a strong western influence, which is good because for a number with a theme like this, it wouldn't have worked if composed in a conventional way.

After 'Shaadi Barbaadi' comes 'Shaadi Se Pehle Honeymoon' by Sonu Nigam and Sonu Kakkar (of `Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo` fame) that has a tune of convenience as it has nothing above average in it. Lyrics too are straight for the gallery and the situation is not something that would make listeners jump with joy. Just an OK song that could well be given a skip!

To cash in on the popularity of the earlier venture Khwahish comes 'The Khwahish Theme' that is nothing but the hit number 'Baila Baila Naacho Re'. For those of you who may have missed the number a year or so back, it is a pacy track by Ashaji that was based on the beach side theme. Well, one doesn't mind hearing the track again this time around.

'Instrumental' track that comes towards the end makes for a peaceful melodious hearing and is in fact the best of the lot. A stand-alone instrumental for a change that is not just the background of a number in the album (as is the trend), it is delightful to hear such a soulful instrumental after a long time. This is one track that you may want to put on a repeat mode and hear over and over again.

KKK is a kind of album that becomes popular only after the movie becomes a big success. Otherwise due to factors like average publicity, lack of star value except for Mallika and Dharmendra (who has been surprisingly kept out of any promotion) and no big names associated with the making of the movie, the album may just not be noticed. But to be fair to the album, there are two-three tracks that do sound interesting while the rest are not bad either. Now it depends on the run of the movie that would mark the way for the album to reach a safety mark.

Rating: **

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