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Kiwi angler catches single fish worth 2 million dollars!

Source : ANI
Last Updated: Sat, Apr 05, 2014 09:32 hrs

London: An angler in New Zealand and her team pulled in a mighty 8ft 9in Pacific bluefin, which was twice the weight of a baby elephant.

Donna Pasco, 56, had to battle for more than four hours to pull in the mighty 64 stone tuna, which was twice the weight of a baby elephant, the Mirror reported.

The angler and her team of four used a 60lb line and when they finally got it on the scales, the fish weighed 411.6kg - enough to fill 2,572 tins of tuna and make 5,145 sandwiches.

Pasco reeled it in near the Three Kings Islands, off Cape Reinga, New Zealand.

Last year a 34 stone - or 222kg - bluefin tuna sold for 1.09 million dollars at an auction in Tokyo, Japan.

Which means that Pasco's gargantuan catch could be worth up to 2.02 million dollars.

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