Kodi- Audio review

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 05, 2016 11:06 hrs

Cast: Dhanush, Trisha, Anupama Parameshwaran
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Vivek
Director: RS Durai Senthilkumar

Album Analysis:
Kodi Parakkudha
Singers: Dhanush, Arunraja Kamaraj
Veera Thurandhara 2.0! ‘Kodi Parakkudha’ is a catchy cocktail of Veera Thurandhara and Pudhupettai’s Pul Pesum. The rap portions are easy to sing along & that’d be an added appealing factor. Dhanush has sung here sans any auto-tune and this could well turn out to be the ‘swag’ track of the movie! 

Ei Suzhali
Singer: Vijay Narain
Easily, the album’s best track! ‘Ei Suzhali’ is easy on the ears with a catchy chord progression. The tune is smooth & the nuances get more visibility on multiple listens. Although there is no heavy dosage of instrumentation, Vijay Narain carries off the entire song effortlessly. The tune maintains a playful mood throughout which makes this song tick.

Singer: KS Chitra
Ariraro’  is the kind of number that works better when used at the right juncture in the screenplay. It is moving & sung terrifically by Chitra (welcome back!). There is enough string section in the song accompanying the vocals to set the pathos mood. Not the kind of song that should be reviewed upon just listening alone!

Sirukki Vaasam
Singers: Anand Aravindakshan, Swetha Mohan
A typical Santhosh duet! ‘Sirukki Vaasam’ brings back the charm from the composer’s ‘Cuckoo’ days. The ‘kodayura puzhiyura’ segment is the high point of the track and Swetha Mohan nails it(although felt Anand was slightly off pitch in those segments). Overall, a lovable tune & a decent listen!

Vettu Pottu
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan
One has to admit that it is so good to see Shankar Mahadevan’s name in the track. ‘Vettu Pottu’ is a typical kuthu track – something that we have not seen Santhosh do often. The main appealing factor in this track has to be the fact that the song has moved away from Santhosh’s template type sounds & arrangements including his regular choice of singers which were getting repetitive. Shankar Mahadevan adds the necessary energy to the track & this number, in its ‘thiruvizha/vizha’ setting is one for the masses.

Although ‘Kodi’ is getting promoted as a ‘mass’ album, one feels that the best songs in the album are the relatively slow paced duet ‘Sirukki’ & the quirky ‘Ei Suzhali’. ‘Kodi Parakkudha’ is all set to become another swag song of the season (just wait for the social media to catch fever on this!). The remaining tracks pass muster although nothing is spectacular. As noted above, it is good to see Santhosh branch out from his regular set of singers, usual pattern of arrangements & sounds.
Picks from the album: Ei Suzhali, Sirukki Vaasam, Kodi Parakkudha

Album Verdict: The ear-pleasing numbers make this a solid album!

Album Rating: 3/5

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