Kollywood’s eternal chocolate hero opens up!

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 24, 2008 13:29 hrs

He is the golden boy and the eternal chocolate boy of Tamil cinema. His new film Guru En Aalu - is releasing in November.

Sify.com catches up with Madhavan in an exclusive chat and the actor explains the finer aspects of life, film and his favourites.

rajakala12: Hi Maddy!
Madhavan: Hey ya, folks! All right, I am here...shoot now. Cheers!

rajakala12: Tell me about your love story
Madhavan: Hey Kala! I need an entire film and a half to be able to do that...hahahahaha!

csaimohanbh_2008: Hi! When do we get to see you in a Telugu movie again?
Madhavan: Trust me pal, I am doing my best

viju17: Hey Maddy! You were awesome in Kannathil Muthamittal. Even today that movie brings both tears to my eyes and smiles on my face.
Madhavan: That's what one gets for doing a film with Mani sir...eternal compliments....Thanks, viju!

ammuhasan: Hello Maddy! How's life?
Madhavan: Hi Amu! I'm fine

vimal5483: Hi Maddy! This is Vimal. What's your impression of the cinema field?
Madhavan: It's my life and soul

qctest: Hi! Good to see you in Sify. What is your next film?
Madhavan: My next film is called Guru En Aalu. If you have not already heard about it I am in trouble...hahahaha!

asma.n: Who is your favourite co-star in Bollywood?
Madhavan: My favourite co-star is Kamal sir ;-)

geraldine19: Hi Madhavan! How are you? Your performance in Evano oruvan was fantastic! Hope to see your forthcoming movies soon! What are your next projects in tamil?
Madhavan: My next film is Guru En Aalu. I like that you loved Evano oruvan...wish more folks had seen the film in the theaters rather than on illegal websites.

snehavarsha007: Hi Maddy! I'm a great fan of yours and I have watched your Alaipayudhey more than 50 times and in three languages. What is the secret of your great looks?
Madhavan: I gues it is being a veg all my life and living an honest and fun filled life..it's easy...you can do it too.

bharath_mgr: what would you wish for your career in 2009 ?
Madhavan: I want to do films like Tare zameen Par or A Wednesday or tonnes of fabulouss non-conformist sort of films

bodhacomp: Hi Maddy! How are you? I am a great fan of your smile! I saw RHTDM 140 times. When's your next film in Telugu?
Madhavan: Hi! I already answered that. Guys, I will answer all questions which have a meaningful answer for me to give....so lets save the "hi"s and "how are yous" for the last...love maddy

chitz_86: If you could cast yourself in a remake of a tamil film, what film would it be ?
Madhavan: Oolugum sutrum Valiban

talkinghead: Welcome aboard! Why do you think Guru En Aalu will become a huge success?
Madhavan: I dont think it will be. I am hoping as hell it will be...hahahaha!

talkinghead: Do you consider yourself the Shah Rukh Khan of Kollywood?
Madhavan: Nope, I am R Madhavan Of THE TAMIL FILM INDUSTRY...I think this 'Kollywood' is ver demeaning and a wannabe title.

talkinghead: You do not seem to encourage fan clubs and senseless displays of devotion. Why is that?
Madhavan: I am sure my fans have more productive ways of spending their time and I want to encourage that...Honestly.

talkinghead: Who is your favourite European director?
Madhavan: Name a few and I will choose from that list

arti_tandon2005: Your chemistry with Vidya Balan in the Airtel ads is awesome. What gives? Will we be seeing the two of you together in a movie soon?
Madhavan: Well, guess what, we are doing a film together...Sanjay Gupta's production and being shot by Meghna Gulzar in San Diego and releasing next summer. Remember, you heard it first on Sify...lol!

arti_tandon2005: Why do you think films with extreme violent themes are doing so well in Tamil Nadu?
Madhavan:Are they????????

aarthi.m: Hi Maddy! You're a great actor. You were fabulous in Thambi. Do you think you've brought out the best in you as yet?
Madhavan: Well, I hope I have not exzhausted my arsenal.

trishaanand: Hi Madhavan! Your role in Mumbai Meri Jaan was very interesting, but ironically seems a far cry from todays reality. Bomb blasts seem to be the affair of the day and people just continue with life as though nothing happened.
Madhavan: Well, what can I say to that?

waseem53: What irritates you most often ?
Madhavan: Dirty toilet

waseem53: If you get a chance to star in a Hollywood flick, what role would it be?
Madhavan: I will have to pinch myself and make the right choice

arti_tandon2005: What's your secret wish? To become the biggest star in Kollywood or the biggest in Bollywood?
Madhavan: To be the best actor I possibly can and not feel embarassed or ashamed when I look at my films 20 years from now

arti_tandon2005: What do you prefer - to play the romantic hero or the tough guy?
Madhavan: To do an exciting role...it could be either

dayanna: Who do you think is the hottest girl in Kollywood right now?
Madhavan: Hmmmmmm...lemme think...Hmmmmmm....ldgjsdgsd9oufn

dayanna: Vidya Balan - do you miss her? Would you do any more movies with her?
Madhavan: I am ...I don't know if I 'miss her' like you are thinking I should...lol

dayanna: I'm your biggest fan. What should I look forward to in Guru En Aalu?
Madhavan: A thoroughly enetertaining film if possible ;-)

dayanna: Will you ever sing in a movie? Do you sing?
Madhavan: Only to my wife's tunes buddy...You will get it when you get hooked

dayanna: What's the role you would kill for?
Madhavan: The one Kamal Sir did in Nayagan

dayanna: What's the best thing about Chennai?
Madhavan: That it's not Bombay or Delhi or Calcutta or any place which is subjected to violent attacks on the common man

salil_tj: Who do you think is the hottest girl in Kollywood right now?
Madhavan: Hmmmmmm...I9UH ERPIUHBGIOUERH

salil_tj: Why don't you do more action roles?
Madhavan: I am getting old I guess...hahahaha...Dude, I need a good story to swing my fist with justification. I know you understand...also, if I pinch my tongue between my teeth and pick up an arwaal, I don't know if it will suit me or if you will like it

salil_tj: Will you ever do a rape scene?
Madhavan: Depends on who is getting raped...you are kinky dude

salil_tj: Do you support the smoking ban in Chennai?
Madhavan: I support anything that forces others to live a healthy life...period

salil_tj: Who was in your first crush in the tamil movie industry?
Madhavan: Amala

ravi_j85: Would you act in a movie directed by Shankar?
Madhavan: Only if the script is exciting

salil_tj: Who's your godfather?
Madhavan: Mr. Mani Ratnam

ravi_j85: Do you visit Sify.com?
Madhavan: Anually

ravi_j85: Who's your favourite music director - AR Rahman or Illayaraja?
Madhavan: AR

ravi_j85: Do you like Himesh Reshammiya? I don't and hopefully you don't.
Madhavan: Hmmmmm..MOPIHP DUEG

ravi_j85: Who's your favourite director - Gautam Menon or Mani Ratnam?
Madhavan: Mani sir

freaking: what is that one thing tht Maddy is mad about?
Madhavan: My family...my hobbies and my golf...and my traveling and my life and...you said one thing...ooops...sorry, too many boss

freaking: Have you ever wanted to get into theatre/play?
Madhavan: No

freaking: What's your concept of an ideal movie?
Madhavan: The one that I enjoy doing and the produce enjoys making the money out off

freaking: What is your fav food? North Indian or Idli Vada?
Madhavan: Thayir Saadham

Did u watch Saroja?
Madhavan: Not yet

aziz_033: Hi Madhavan! What's your initial R stand for?
Madhavan: R IS FOR Ranganathan...I am a Tam Bram

vanithsr: Hey maddy! This is Vanitha here. I am from Detroit. You are my favourite actor in the tamil film. You have the million dollar smile.
Madhavan: Thanks Babe! You are very kind. I'll try and keep doing the kind of stuff you folks like.

good_ramneet: Who's your favourite actor
Madhavan: Kamal Sir

vanithsr: Who is your favourite bollywood actress and actor ? I would like to see you paired with soha again. You both have great chemistry and it's better than the one you share with vidya
Madhavan: Really? That's a new angle. Soha is a good actor too...Well, we'll see

vinothbitsgoa: Hi! I heard about your friendship with Ajit. What do you like best in him?
Madhavan: I like Ajit... He was very helpful during my early days in the Tamil film industry. And he and Shalini are one of our closest friend in Chennai

vanithsr:Would you like to be in touch with your die hard fans? If so, could you please let me know your actual email id ? By the way, I am happily married and living in Detroit with a cute little son and my husband has a million dollar simle just like yours
Madhavan: Hey...I don't want to anger your hubby with my e-mail ID...hahahahah...Face Book is a good place to catch me off and on...Ranganathan Madhavan

vinothbitsgoa: what happened to your movie Yaavarum Nalam? When is it releasing?
Madhavan: It's almost done...releasing in Jan/Feb end...I loooooooovvvvvvveeeee that film...I think it's one of my best yet

vinothbitsgoa: Popular Heroines like Trisha,Meera jasmine and Reemasen are introduced with you. How do u feel about it?
Madhavan:Like a father...hahahahaha

sdesalem: First of all I wish you a Happy Diwali. When do you think that you have achived some thing in life?
Madhavan: wish you the very same...Well, when I look back and realise I still have a long way to go. Cause if you stop to admire your spoils, then you are not looking ahead and therefore very dead.

vinothbitsgoa: Who is your best friend in tamil heroines?
Madhavan: Jo...Reema...Shalini...

vanithsr: Congrats to you being a fellow Indian for the successful launch of Chandrayaan-1. What are your future Hindi projects and do you have any concerts or shows in NY/NJ or in chicago this year or the coming year?
Madhavan: Yes, one is being planned...will let you know. And conrats to you too on our lunar escapade...

vvvrohit: Which character (hari, alok,ryan) are ypu playing in Three Idiots?
Madhavan: Can't tell you dude...Confidential contract...lol

vanithsr: What do you think about these reality TV shows being exploded in all regional and national television channels these days? I feel they suck...people are taking them a lot more seriously than their life. What's your view?
Madhavan: I am with you...Go baby Go

vinothbitsgoa: Are you playing any role in Maniratnam's Ravana? If not, why?
Madhavan: No and you better ask him

chitz_86: Which Hindi and tamil movie would you rate as the best movie (according to you) this year?
Madhavan: Taare Zameen Par...it's an all time fav of mine now...I hope the Oscars think so too. Well, It was nice chatting with you guys. Have a fabulous and Safe Diwali! Cheers! - love Maddy.

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