Koode Music Review: Songs that touch your soul

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 11, 2018 15:08 hrs
Stills: Nazriya, Prithviraj in 'Koode'

Joy, reminiscence, grief, love. All these emotions are harmoniously packaged in the Koode soundtrack. Instantly hummable, these tracks envelope you in their melody and charm. Two music composers have contributed to this album. And even though musically they are different - Raghu Dixit’s folksy rhythms and M Jayachandran’s mellifluous strings - there is a cohesiveness in their compositions that brings Koode together.

The first song is 'Aararo', which became an instant hit on its release. Its popularity is a combination of three factors - the lilting tune composed by Raghu Dixit that’s crooned by the captivating Anne Amie, the return of Nazriya, the Edenesque picturisation. And there’s a fluffy dog as a bonus. It’s a song that both aurally and visually enchants you. This one’s guaranteed a loop.

Next up is 'Paranne'. It kicks off with Raghu Dixit’s trademark foot-stomping groove complete with Banjo-strumming and an infectious pace. If it’s a peppy track, it’s got to be Benny Dayal. The singer delivers and takes things up a notch.

'Minnaminni' is a beautiful track composed by M Jayachandran. It starts off with a whiff of devotional chanting and melts into a love song of a doting brother and his little sister. This one tugs at the smile lines and our hearts.

'Vanaville', also by M Jayachandran, has Karthik washing over us with his silky-smooth vocals. This track takes us on a journey of sorts from its string section to the keyboard and the whimsy saxophone.

'Koode' composed by Raghu Dixit is a super fun track that also has Nazriya Nazim Ad libbing. Anne Amie returns once again to add verve to this song that gives us a sense of beachy fun and summer vibes.

'Aarorum' wraps up the album. A spin on 'Aararo', this one’s a mellow version sung by Raghu Dixit. As the song progresses, it transforms from a tear-jerker to one of elation right about when the drums break in.

The songs on their own are magical, melodious and keep you wanting them on repeat. Maybe because they touch a piece of your soul. With the picturisation they come alive and seem the perfect accompaniment to the story.

Koode directed by Anjali Menon stars Nazriya Nazim, Parvathy and Prithviraj Sukumaran. It is set to be released on 14 July.

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