Kovai Brothers

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 27 February 2006

Movie Title

Kovai Brothers


Sakthi Chidambaram

Star Cast

Satyaraj, Sibiraj, Namitha

Oh Brother, not again! Kovai Brothers smacks of nepotism as Satyaraj goes all out to promote his son once again by not only giving him punch line dialogues, better action scenes but also gifting Namitha, his favourite heroine! What more can a father do for his dear son to promote his career?

Satyaraj and Sibiraj play friends in the film who come from a village near Coimbatore to Chennai city with a purpose. They want to avenge the death of Uma, Satyaraj?s sister and Sibi?s girlfriend! Bureaucratic bugling and corruption in hospitals had led to Uma?s death. They take up jobs as anchors in a TV station to host ?Kovai Brothers? which exposes the neglect and rampant corruption in the system. Namitha is an anchor (a take on Pepsi Uma) who hosts a popular programme and both the friends wager a bet to woo her!

How both turn vigilante and kills the district collector, a doctor and then go back to their town with Namitha forms the predictable story. The film lacks logic or sense and rests purely on Satyaraj?s ?lollu? dialogues and his takes on Suriya?s Ghajini, S.J.Suryah?s New, Simbu?s Manmathan and also pokes fun at stars joining politics.. Vadivelu?s comedy track has nothing new to offer other than some toilet jokes, while Kovai Sarala takes on Asin. Namitha does her glam act to perfection.

Verdict: Stale

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