Krrish diary: Special make-up for Hrithik Roshan

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 19, 2005 11:40 hrs

Well that's the secrecy under which the movie is being shot in Singapore away from the media hype so that everything about the movie is under wraps and expectedly comes in as a pleasant surprise to the audiences when it hits the screens in June 2006.

But after much research and tracking of the Krrish shootings, I finally came to know the location they are going to shoot - Robinson Road. It was raining heavily when I left from NTU to meet Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan and ex-Miss World Priyanka Chopra.

The whole road was blocked by Singapore Police, their vans and motorbikes and a big truck on the other side. Amazing to see the otherwise crowded road so deserted. It was raining and they had paused the shooting. The sequence they were planning to shoot was of a kid jumping from a building and our superman Hrithik Roshan saving him. They had already shot some parts of it in the morning when it was sunny.

Hrithik was sitting inside an air conditioned van when we saw him. We tried talking to some crew members to get us an interview from Hrithik; who redirected us to the head of crew Kamal. Kamal didn't allow us to meet Hrithik as they didn't want to disclose his special make-up. He was quite angry by a popular media channel who according to him after being rejected an interview with Hrithik, took a photo of 'Krrish shooting' from the top of a building.

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