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Kulanari Koottam

Kulanari Koottam
Sri Balaji
Vishnu, Ramya Nambeesan, Appukutty,
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One of the team members of Suseeinthran’s Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu (VKK), associate director Sri Balaji makes his debut as an independent director with Kullanari Kootam (KK). Though Balaji has cast most actors from VKK in KK, it is not foxy enough.

KK is set in Madurai milieu minus the sickle culture, till interval. In the second half, the hero comes to Chennai for Police selection and makes friends who help to make his love life smooth and also fulfil his desire. However it is the first half that works better, and climax is a bit weak .

Vetri (Vishnu) is a jobless MBA graduate who falls in love with Priya (Ramya Nambeesan) after a small mix up, leads them into a chance meeting with each other, while recharging his dad’s phone. Priya’s dad, a policeman, lays down a condition that he cannot marry her unless he becomes a policeman.

As he unearths, in his journey towards becoming a policeman in the latter parts of the film, the wrong doings in the SI selection examination and starts fighting corrupt system, the film loses it focus and peters out.

The film is supposed to be a romcom, but half way through, the hero and his friends decides to do a Tehelka on corrupt cops, which is not convincing enough. If down-to-earth characters fill the initial reels of the film’s screenplay except for few odd personality traits, the latter parts have larger than life characters and sequences like the minster’s side kick, minister’s brother-in-law who helps Vetri in fighting the corrupt top officials. In fact, in the end Vetri even gives a suggestion that police Sub-Inspector selection can happen live in front of the media!

However, if at all one needs a reason to watch this film it is Ramya Nambeesan, she is the pick of the lot with a finely essayed performance. The film is made for Vishnu who puts together a performance that many would rate as just pass. Suri and Appu Kutty raise few laughs as Vishnu’s friends in the second half of the film. Selvaganesh’s music has a VKK hangover though ‘Vizhigalilae…’ is a nice melody.

Like the proverbial curate’s egg, KK is good in parts, but could have been better.

Verdict- Average


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