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Kutti Puli

Kutti Puli
Sasikumar, Saranya, Lakshmi
M Ghibran
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Sasikumar, the director-actor made the path breaking Subramaniapuram. However, after establishing himself as a director with a different touch he turned mass hero with Sundarapandian, using his Madurai formula of friendship, family, romance, betrayal, sentiments and a blood soaked climax.

Once again Sasikumar and his hand-picked director Muthiah has reworked the formula obviously inspired by mass hero village stories of the 80ís with a vengence. The first half is ok but post-interval the film starts sliding to a long drawn out mind-numbing gory climax.

Kutti Puli (Sasikumar) is a happy go-lucky good hearted ruffian, whose mother (Saranya ) wants him to settle down. But our hero does not believe in love or marriage till he meets Bharathy (Lakshmi Menon), who changes his attitude. But his enemies will not allow him to lead a respectful family life.

Unlike his earlier film Sundarapandian, which had some plot to speak of, Kutti Puli is a predictable action film set in a familiar terrain with half a dozen characters who we have seen in such Madurai-made films. The major problem here is that it is neither a revenge drama nor is there any solid reason or intention for all the killings and more killings which leave you drained.

The first half is engaging but soon loses steam and the director seem to more interested in showing Sasikumar as a larger-than-life hero who romances and takes on any number of people single-handedly along with an overdose of mother-sentiments!!

The story is wafer thin and music of Ghibran is a let-down as there is not a single hummable tune and in the background old 70ís and 80ís songs pop up regularly.

Sasikumar tries hard to look menacing and cool at the same time but scores partially. Lakshmi Menon hangs in there as Bharathi, but hers isnít the role that you remember, simply because thereís not much to it. Talented actress Saranya Ponvannan as the sacrificing mother looks jaded and repeats what she has done in so many films in recent times.

Verdict Ė Below Average


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