KV Anand spill the beans on 'Anegan'

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 11, 2015 12:19 hrs

Dhanush's KV Anand directed Anegan is all set for release on February 13 in 1000 screens across the globe and it will be the biggest ever for Dhanush. Now director KV Anand has spilled some interesting information about the movie…

No issues, only love:

KV Anand says that all his movies are issue based subjects like smuggling, conjoined twins, youth politics but calls Anegan as a romantic thriller where love takes the front seat. Also, the heroine's role in Anegan will have more scope than all his previous movies…

Why Amyra Dastur?

The female lead of Anegan needs to be shown both as a school girl and a young IT employee but KV Anand thought that he could not imagine any leading Tamil heroine as a school girl. He had  first approached Alia Bhatt but there was a call sheet clash and hence he opted for Amyra Dastur as he has seen her work in Issaq. She has done a very good job in Anegan.

I needed a perfect Kuthu…

Speaking about Harris' music, KV Anand points out the classy touch of the composer. 'The problem with Harris is that he had used all sorts of western instruments for a folk song like Athhangarai (Yaan) which won't give the earthy feel hence I told him the need of perfect kuthu with local instruments like 'Tharai Thappattai''

The search for real Dangamaari…

After composing the music, KV Anand wanted a lyricist who is proficient with Madras baashai. The basic idea of Dangamaari is that the lyrics should evoke grin in everyone’s face and being a Chennai guy, Anand himself jot down 150 words in the local slang and later when he searched for the private album he found Rokesh's lyrics to be very interesting hence the 21 year old came board.

Dhanush is modern day Kamal Haasan

KV Anand proposed an interesting analogy between Dhanush and Kamal Haasan. The director says every hero is romancing in their movies but Kamal’s romance sequences are memorable similarly in short period of time, Dhanush proved that he is perfect for love failure or one side love characters which is phenomenal.

Suriya vs Dhanush

On comparing both Suriya and Dhanush, KV Anand says that Suriya is in a way is an insecure actor, as he is never happy with his output and goes that extra mile to better it even if the director is happy. Such is his commitment while Dhanush is a complete contrast.

Initially I thought, Dhanush would suggest his own ideas and interfere but he is a director’s actor and does exactly what we expect him to do.

Influence of Shankar…

KV Anand agrees that his film will definitely have Shankar's influence as he has worked with as a cinematographer (Mudhalvan, Suvaji). 'You could possibly see influences of Kathir, Priyadarshan and all other directors whom I worked with because that’s how it should be' says KV Anand.

Madhavan, Arvind Swamy and finally Karthik

KV Anand first thought of casting Arvind Swamy for the 55 year old IT company boss role in Anegan but the actor was busy. Later KV Anand thought of Madhavan but he felt the actor is too young to sport the particular role and finally opted for Karthik.

'When I met Karthik sir, I told him that he won't do the film but to my surprise he liked the script and said ‘The role exactly suit my real life age and there is nothing wrong in it' '  

As told to Sreedhar Pillai in a video interview


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