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Ladies & Gentleman

Ladies & Gentleman
Mohanlal, Meera, Padmapriya, Mamta
Ratheesh Vega
Satheesh Kurup
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Director Siddique follows this mandatory theory while creating a “masala hero”, in his latest flick, Ladies & Gentleman.

When superstars become heroes in Malayalam films, they have a halo fixed right there on their head. They will remain sloshed all the time or, have all the vices that would be a minus for any normal human being. But for the hero, all that would become traits worth envying. The whole bunch of co-stars will sing epithets about how wonderful he is. And he just comes up with wonders, one after the other.

So the mysterious millionaire Chandrabose (Mohanlal) comes into the lives of a few youngsters and changes them all as if by magic.

His meeting with Sarath (debutant Krish J Sathar) happens just by chance and the youth is distraught after losing out a job opportunity in a campus interview. Did he go for the interview after completing his course?

Okay, let's forget such logic and instead think positively about what is good about this story. Chandrabose a.k.a Bose, now becomes friends with Anu (Mamta Mohandas), Jyothy (Padmapriya) and Chinnu Kunjunni (Mithra Kurian). They all start an IT company and the viewers wouldn't need much brains to guess that the company becomes the market leader in a flash.

Bose's unending love affair with his wife Achu (Meera Jasmine), confusions, twists and more twists, moral lessons, motivational speeches… you name it and all that follows. Not to forget, some stale jokes and the desperation of the girls to grab the attention of the 'Mr. Perfect' hero.

So angelic is the hero that in one of the scenes a dad happily leaves his techie daughter at his home. Forget it now, we are not going to play spoilsport and reveal more about the story. But at more than two hours and thirty minutes, this film tests your patience for sure.

The scenes remind one of several Malayalam movies, including Mohanlal's own films such as Angel John, Hallo, Innathe Chinthavishayam and so on.

Siddique, who has created some of the finest comedies in Malayalam history, seems to have lost his way with this one. Satheesh Kurup's visuals are fine but Ratheesh Vegha's music doesn't impress much.

Mohanlal tries desperately to give some believability to his character but the script is too weak to support his efforts. Debutant Krish J Sathar is fine in parts. Among the heroines, Meera Jasmine's make-up looks garish, Mamta Mohandas is okay and the other two (Padmapriya and Mithra) have nothing much to do. In fact, things will be even more evident when one learns that Kalabhavan Shajon shines more than most of the other stars here!

As we come out of the cinemas after watching Ladies & Gentleman, it is a sense of disbelief that will come to your minds. Some of the best technicians and actors worked for the film and as per reports, it was made in an exorbitant budget. And all they managed to make is this boring saga? From what is seen on screen, they are totally unaware of the fact that the world has moved so far ahead in terms of filmmaking. Sad!

This one perhaps could be aimed mainly at hardcore Mohanlal fans. Now, decide on your own.

Verdict: Average


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