Lakshmi Menon: I am not against marriage but.....

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 07, 2018 13:14 hrs

In a recent interview, actress Lakshmi Menon says that marriage is not a necessity in life.

“I cannot talk for others but for me, marriage is not necessary. I agree that wedding is a beautiful relationship and there is no second opinion about it. I expect a good friendship in any marriage. I can’t accept women getting treated as slaves in a relationship and because of this statement, do not come to a conclusion that I’m a feminist”, said the actress.

“I’m not against the institution of marriage just because I am financially independent. I can’t accept slavery in the form of marriage”, adds Lakshmi Menon, who expects her husband to be a good friend.

Lakshmi Menon has also mentioned that men shouldn’t finalize the character of women based on their past life. “If men experienced love failure, women do not judge their discipline. For any woman who comes out of her past relationship, a new relationship or marriage is a fresh start”, says the actress who doesn’t believe in people saying love comes only once in a lifetime and calls it a humbug.

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