Lakshmi vs. Varadanaayaka on Jan. 18

Last Updated: Mon, Jan 07, 2013 12:22 hrs

December had a few Kannada releases.  

The first week of January had no Kannada release. The second Friday of January will see the release of two nondescript releases, Prajwal Devaraj`s Galaate directed by M.D.Sridhar and Ajit Pare starrer Aa Bhaanu Ee Bhoomi, directed by Venugopal.

But on the third Friday of New Year, there will be clash of two hugely expected films which could not have been avoided if everything was planned in advance. 

The much delayed Century Star Shivaraj Kumar and Priyamani starrer Lakshmi directed by Raghava Loki is hitting the screens on January 18 along with Kiccha Sudeep and Chiranjeevi Sarja, Sameera Reddy, Nikisha Patel starrer Varadanaayaka directed by Aiyappa Sharma.  

Though Lakshmi was censored in the last week of December, some changes were suggested by the Board which needed some graphics work too. Now, the Censors have given a U/A certificate for the film, while producer Shankare Gowda who is hell bent on releasing his film on January 18, his birthday is getting his film censored on Monday and Tuesday. 

"As soon as the censor formalities are over the big time publicity will start with the release of songs and another two minute trailer. Then I will also see my artists promoting the film in channels and I am also thinking of organising press meets", says Shankare Gowda. 

Director Raghava Loki has already completed one round of publicity for the film. Information about the film`s content and making have been revealed by lead artists in a few press meets and interviews in channels. 

Shankare Gowda says that it may not be a desirable for any Kannada film producer to see that his film is coming under competition from another big film. "Since people connected to Lakshmi were telling that they would be releasing the film on January 4, we were making arrangements for the release of Varadanaayaka on January 18.  But we see that our film will eventually have to face competition'', says Shankare Gowda. 

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