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Andrew Louis
Shiv Pandit, Manasi, Santhanam
Sathish Chakravarthy
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Leelai is a cool light-hearted rom-com from debutant director Andrew Louis. The film at 2 hours and 15 minutes is an enjoyable romantic ride, laced with peppy music and good fun.

Newcomers and north Indian actors Shiv Pandit and Manasi Parekh in the lead have an on-screen chemistry that works to a large extent. The story is wafer thin but it is the packaging and one liners which helps the film to a large extent.

Karthik (Shiv Pandit) is an outgoing flirt by nature during his college days. The smart guy ‘phatoes’ two girls who live in the same hostel room as their close friend Malar (Manasi Parekh) warns them of pitfalls of falling in love with a compulsive flirt. Malar has a few run-ins with Karthik over the phone and soon they develop a pathological hatred towards each other.

A few months later they are out of college and get employed in a software company. Karthik’s relative and close friend Suja joins his company and is deputed to the HR department where Malar works. Karthik soon realises that it is the same Malar his tormentor in his college days and both make it a point not to cross each other’s path.

However, one day without Malar’s knowledge Karthik sees her and falls for her and decides to go all out to woo her. How he goes about it including a few mistaken identity causes heartbreaks, leading to the climax.

The director has worked out the romantic situations and spun it around to make it entertaining. But there are some loopholes in the plot like how come Malar working in the HR department did not realise that Karthik is working in the same company? She could not differentiate between the voice of Karthik and Sundar? The climax is a bit predictable.

These are some cinematic liberties taken by the director. But the falling in love between the lead pair has been worked out well, especially the scene in the music shop where both listen to Ghulam Ali golden oldies.

One of the major highlights of the film is Santhanam as a “rough anna software engineer” and his comedy track, which really makes you laugh. Santhanam is once again hero’s friend and the way he explains the similarity between a “laptop and a figure” is really funny. The lead pair Shiv and Manasi have done a decent job and their Tamil lip sync is perfect.

Music of Satish Chakravarthy is peppy and all the songs have been well picturised. On the whole, Leelai is a multiplex love story with loads of fun.

Verdict- Feel good Rom-Com


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