Lessons from 10 Days on Bigg Boss

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 09, 2017 11:57 hrs

Kamal Haasan can be bad at something

His hosting of the inaugural show was the most yawn-inducing experience ever for a Kamal fan. Awkward silences. Slipping into weird accents. And hamming it for the camera. He had us cringing.

The second time around, he warmed up to his act. Well, sort of. The awkwardness still persisted but this time he had his jibes and witticisms aimed at the contestants as well as anecdotes from his life (which is the sole reason most of us started watching the show) to keep us entertained. 90 days to go, and maybe Kamal will get better at this. That's the hope.

Flirt when in doubt

Our standard expression to Oviya's stream of consciousness chats with the camera is 'whuuuut????' She first revealed that the only separation anxiety she harbours is for bananas. Then she treated us to a long-winding wonderment on the love story of crows (a mistaken pair of drongos who couldn't care two hoots about her take on feathered relationships). These whimsical thoughts are delivered with all the coyness of a Bharathiraja heroine and the flirtations à la Subbalakshmi from Kandhaswamy.

In fact, fellow contestant Aarar has fallen for it hook, line and sinker. But we think he was sorely disappointed when he found that he isn't the sole recipient of her charm.

When Kamal in his Q&A with the contestants turned to Oviya hinting that he like the rest of us thinks she's cuckoo, she went to work on him. Needless to say, it left Kamal stumped. Oviya certainly has it down pat. And it seems to work for her.

How to play dodgeball

Ganesh Venkatraman has ducked and dived to keep a clean slate and steer clear of all the gossip and slander that's proliferating like bunnies in the Bigg Boss house. This, he does by keeping himself busy with workouts, meditation and constantly championing 'solutions to the problem'. Alas! What are these solutions he constantly roots for, nobody knows. He manoeuvred his way out of Captaincy by cleverly voting for his opponent while scoring with the audience.

This man, like ousted housemate Anuya pointed out, is intelligent and knows how to play the game. Even when Kamal lobbed a grenade at his 'pristine' character stating that he is in fact rather selfish, Ganesh recovered with aplomb. The man says all the right things, and that people, is how you stay above the muck while being a willing participant.

Not all Nurses nurse

If Julie is representative of the nursing profession (and that's a very big if), then it's one that needs help. Inactive, ineffective and all talk. That's Julie every time she had the opportunity to put her nursing skills to use in the past 10 days. She believes using terms of endearment makes up for the lack of real compassion and care. One would think having a nurse in the Bigg Boss house would come in handy especially when one is sick. But one has to remind Julie of her nursing days and prod her into action. And with the incompetence she's shown, one is better off without her reluctant help.

How to get things done like a Boss

Study Namitha closely. You can't match her presence, but you can cultivate her no-nonsense attitude. She's quite a toughie, calls a spade a spade, is a taskmaster when it comes to cleanliness and is aware of her limitations. She may not be the Captain but she knows how to bat for the team. With that combination, she's easy to respect. The male contestants can't handle her and mock her, but we've got a sneaking suspicion she's well aware of it.

The daftest is the wisest

Oviya may be nuts but she's the least pretentious contestant on Bigg Boss. She also happens to be the only one who's able to look objectively at the toxic atmosphere that's been cultivated. Not even goody-two-shoes Ganesh has stated the obvious - that despite all their talk about being reasonable human beings, Ganja Karuppu and Vaiyapuri have stoked the idle egos of everyone and turned them into raging bullies. And their mark is Bharani. He may be annoying. He may even say the wrong things. But does that mean it's okay to gang-up on a chap who doesn't know any better? Oviya is the only one who sympathises with Bharani, the victim.

Lipstick is hilarious but facials are A-Ok

Ganja Karuppu and Vaiyapuri keep themselves entertained by mimicking other contestants. In one of their numerous sessions, they were in splits as Karuppu demonstrated how to apply lipstick like model Raiza and Oviya. Viewers, especially female viewers found nothing rip-roaringly funny about it. For that is how you apply lipstick - by smacking your lips once you've spread it. That they found this funny can be put down to the lack of a better topic especially since they've been holed up.

But when we saw Vaiyapuri and Ganja Karupu getting their faces plastered with a facial and hair tweaked by the very girl they laughed at, it was our turn to ROFL. Lipstick is amusing but facials are so serious?

When lack of chivalry parades as propriety

We've never understood this. When we look at our vintage family photos, one thing stands out. The women are always standing. It's the men who take the seats. But that's something that has permeated through to this day and age of 'woke' and chivalrous men. If it's age that one respects, then it should've been a mix of men and women on the Bigg Boss couch as the house gathered to share their Eid wishes. Why make the women line up behind the men? And especially when you have folks such as Karuppu, Snehan and Ganesh who are respectful towards women and are gentlemanly, why strike this odd pose for the camera? It's time to make small changes.

How to be at home

Take lessons from Ganja Karupu. He's made no attempt to seem like anything other than who he said he his in the promo video. And we mean that in a good way. We like that he lounges without a care in the world. We like that he doesn't mask his emotions. But what we like most is that the lungi is well-represented.

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