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Life Partner is unforgivably unfunny

Life Partner
Rumi Jaffery
Fardeen Khan, Tusshar Kapoor, Govinda, Genelia D'souza, Prachi Desai, Anupam Kher, Amrita Rao
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The film is about characters that are divorced, first from each other, but before that from reality. All these people, best kept in an asylum, are the creation of writer-director Rumi Jaffrey who last gave us the blatant copy God Tussi Great Ho.

Cape Town: Hotshot corporate yuppie Karan (Fardeen Khan) is crazily in love with talentless Sanjana (Genelia D’Souza), who insists on trying her hand at a new profession every six months, failing miserably.

The film begins with the couple on a drive, competing with a chopper, and kissing as the chopper takes flight over them.

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"Girls like adventure," advises Karan to Bhavesh (Tusshar), who dutifully jots it down in his formula book. He's saving himself for marriage, and wishes to repeat all these thrilling things with his wife. His family is headed by an unyielding patriarch of a father (Darshan Jariwala) who has the last word on anything. So firm is he on retaining Indian culture, the film points out that the family resembles an Ekta Kapoor serial.

Finally, the family travels to Gujarat to hunt for a homely girl for Bhavesh. He does fall in love with Prachi (Prachi Desai) and the two get married. Soon enough the former couple is also hitched. Six months later, we see that the two couples are in the divorce court and the story flashbacks to show us why. But suffice to say the reasons can only make you laugh or grate on your nerves depending on your disposition.

Take Karan-Sanjana for instance: post marriage, he’s doing the housework and the cooking and then going to work; she has no contribution whatsoever. She does shriek like a mad person, however, when the honeymoon is cancelled owing to his work deadlines; she even interrupts a meeting with a client with a tantrum when he doesn’t pick up a call. Naturally, this character has the birds of a brain, and naturally such a person cannot exist.

On the other, more interesting side, Prachi and Bhavesh are happy but his father is constantly playing spoilsport. He huffs and puffs when the two return from an outing, or when the bahu has an opinion on shares, or when she makes him continental breakfast instead of dhokla.

Unable to defend his wife, Bhavesh raises his hand on her, leading to the split. Again, the characters are unreasonably conceptualised. Prachi is an MBA but has no ambition of working post-marriage, quite content to join the other ladies in the kitchen. Still, this couple and its problems seem more real than the former.

Facilitating their divorces is Karan and Bhavesh’s `friend’ – divorce lawyer Jeet Oberoi (Govinda). This character is the lease credible of all – for if you can picture Govinda in tight T-shirts with scarves around the neck, posing as an absolute lady-killer, the effect can only be uncontrollable amusement. And yet this character is shown to effortlessly seduce one blonde bombshell after the other...Hah! As if!

Performances are grating: Genelia is made to gesticulate wildly when she's angry and shriek till the window panes shatter; Govinda is plain bad; Fardeen is earnest, Prachi adds charm to her role and Tusshar does fine.

Dialogues are unimaginative and constantly bring out the sexist stance of the film. While Karan thunders that Sanjana ought to learn to be a wife (meaning?), he also admonishes her for visiting her father’s home. The ending, can be described politely as, incongruous and extreme.

Life Partner, perhaps meant to be a light discourse on marriage and separation, ends up making a joke of both. And an unforgivably unfunny one at that.

Verdict: One star


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