"Live-in relationships are good enough"

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 04, 2012 12:08 hrs
Ranbir, Ileana field awkward questions while promoting Barfi!

She is one hell of a looker and carries herself with panache.

Ileana says that many times she is told that she is a lot mature than girls who are 26 or more. With this kind of maturity she finds it difficult to relate to women of her age, she adds.

Does she prefer older men? Ileana replies in affirmative. That`s because such is her profession she says. Women get into this profession at a very young age and they tend to mature faster here. 

Ileana says age doesn`t matter. When you fall in love it is love and love only that matters. 

That does not mean that Ileana is in love or ready for marriage. She does not see it happening for quite some time. At this moment she can't think of getting married. But you never know, it can happen anytime. 

Ileana says that she does not need a ring around her finger to tell that she bonds well with her man. Live-in relationships are good enough for her, she tells us. It`s your life and live it the way you want, Ileana concludes.

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