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Sundar C
Prashanth, Ankitha, Pandiaraj,Vadivelu, Mumtaz, Srividya, Delhi Ganesh
Subha Sandeep
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The title London is a misnomer. Nearly 60 percent of the film has been shot inside studio sets in Chennai to look like a Scottish Villa. The songs and some exterior shots of the London Bridge, Oxford Street and Kensington area has been taken to match the story.

Enter the mad, mad world of director Sundar.C. His London may not be for everyone but for those who suck up this brand of mass and crass comedy with a straw, it’s plenty tickling. This time the director has ripped off from the master copycat Priyadarshan’s Malayalam comedy caper Kakkakuyil that had Mohanlal and Mukesh in the lead supported by a battalion of comedians.

Now this comedy is about a simpleton Sivaraman (Prashanth) who comes to London looking for a job. He meets Kathir (Pandiaraj) a petty con man and their misadventures take them through a bank robbery done by Manivannan and his concubine Mumtaz. But when the attempt turns awry, they take on a new role as Saravanan, the long lost grandson of a rich blind couple (Vijaykumar and Srividya).

Taking advantage of their blindness, Sivan tries to pose as Saravanan, but when the couple touches Kathir, it becomes a big problem as one is now the voice while the other is the body! Adding mirth and suspense is the character of Anjali (Ankitha) who claims to be the real Saravanan’s lover. A house full of relatives and the usual suspects like drunken manager (Delhi Ganesh), a lawyer (Vadivel) his obese wife Baby (Nalini) adds more fun to the proceedings. The rest of the movie is how mistaken identities are unraveled and finally all ends on a happy note.

Please leave your logical mind at home when you watch a Sundar.C film. The trio of Prashanth-Sundar.C-Vadivelu has a “Winner” in London. There are no villains and it is a roller coaster ride of pure unadulterated masala. Prashanth has come out with a subtle performance along with Pandiaraj who has an equally important role which makes the combination tick. But it is Vadivelu who steals the show with his outrageously funny performance and his close encounter with Mumtaz brings the house down. . Songs tuned by Vidyasagar are fast paced.

On the whole London is a rip roaring entertainer.

Verdict: Fun and Frolic


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