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Lucky Star

Lucky Star
Deepu Anthikkad
Jayaram, Rachana, Mukesh
Ratheesh Vegha
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Debutant director Deepu Anthikkad's Lucky Star comes with a tagline, “seriously humorous.” With this title, you expect to watch a laugh riot but this is actually an attempted family drama, evidently inspired from a couple of films, including last year's Bollywood hit Vicky Donor.

And sadly the confusion is there all along in this film with desperate efforts trying to add humour at regular intervals. This happens even when dealing with serious issues like surrogacy and the emotions of a mother, which is at times annoying.

Renjith (Jayaram) runs a modest tailoring shop in Chennai and shares the dream of making it big someday with his ambitious wife Janaki (Rachana). They have applied for loans that they can barely afford and is ready to do virtually anything to send their only daughter to an upmarket school.

Their greed for money reaches its zenith while searching for a woman to play a surrogate mother, as suggested by an infertility expert, Dr. John Chittilappilly (Mukesh). They are promised handsome money by an NRI couple for the services and as you would have guessed by now, things don't happen the way they would have liked.

Well, in all fairness, the basic premise here is indeed promising. But the problem is the way adopted to narrate it. With a rather ordinary script and unimpressive comedy, the film tends to lose its grip quite often.

Jayaram repeats his trademark style once again. Rachana is generally fine but she often goes overboard with her dialogue delivery. Mukesh's character is totally modeled on Dr.Baldev Chaddha, played by Annu Kapoor, in Vicky Donor.

Lucky Star could have been easily rated as a fine entertainer, if it had come some two decades back. Now times have changed and the viewers are constantly watching fantastically narrated movies.

On second thoughts, this film is not entirely bad and has its moments as well, but it could have been much better. Now, the decision is yours!

Verdict: Average


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