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Monday 1 September 2008

Movie Title



Ravi Srivatsa

Star Cast

Shivarajakumar, Ravi Belegere, Ravi Kaale, Sonu Bhatia, Ramesh Pandit

Ravi Srivatsa's Maadesha is one of the most violent films made in Kananda in recent times, though it is different from the recent crop of gangster films. The shoot outs, cutting hands, slashing neck with long knife, using hammers to kill the enemy! There are far too many obnoxious and incorrigible methods applied by the controversial director. Except the action, two good songs and some splendid cinematography the film offers nothing new.

Madesha (Shivrajkumar) born to poor parents in the temple town of Nanjangud lives a normal life around the temple. But an adolescent Madesha he goes to jail to serve 14 years term after killing a street vendor who abuses his mother. Back from prison, he finds Bangalore is the best place to make a living. He leaves his mother, sister and the pet elephant Ganesha in the village.

Madesha has the strength of elephant and he is like a rock. Working in the police station in gruesome attack on Khan and his men when they come to collect ?hafta? Madesha shows his courage and ability to counter two dozen attacking him. He is liked by petrol bunk owner Sircar. The days ahead for Madesha are nothing but preparing plots and completing nefarious deals for his mentor Sircar.

He surpasses orders of Sircar when wrong doings increase. Madesh is looking for removing bad elements only. The interference of Madesha is what irks his boss Sircar. A sketch is made to finish off Madesha. For that vicious circle Madesha gives a fitting counter attack that makes Sircar to go to Home Minister for help.

A tough cop Ravi Kale is appointed but Madesha slips from his hands without proof killing his mentor in broad day light. Madesha finally settle down in Australia and he announces his surrender to police. The rest is in the Part II of Madesha.

In the action scenes Shivarajakumar has proved that he is very strong. In dance he excels but the long hair style for this film is disturbing at times. Sonu Bhatia comes and goes. Ravi Belegere, Ravi Kaale and Vijayasarathy come and stay in the minds of the audiences. Padmaja Rao and Muni have rendered admirable support.

Mano Murthy in the full length action film is not the fit music director yet he gives two lovely tunes ? Munjane Manjagu? and Lahari Moha Lahari?, they are well sung and choreographed too.

G.S.V.Seetharam the silent and sensible cameraman of Kannada cinema gives a splendid work. The top angles shots in Australia for the song is brilliant.

Action lovers and die hard Shivrajkumar will love it.

Verdict ? Average

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