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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Wednesday 17 May 2006

Movie Title



Then Arasu

Star Cast

Jithen Ramesh, Priya Mani, Rekha, Ashish Vidyarthi

Ramesh?s obsessive love for Priya Mani in Madhu makes you feel desensitized and dehydrated. It just drags on without a motive, as the story is so muddled and familiar (you have seen in hundreds of love stories before) and has about every clich? normally seen in such genre of films with nothing new to offer.

Director Then Arasu starts the film with a guy Madhu (Ramesh) who gets obsessive with a nice and homely girl Mercy (Priya Mani) who lives in a ladies hostel in Ooty. It is obsessive one-sided love and Madhu wants Mercy to tell him- ?I love you?. She does not, so he does all kinds of things like stabbing himself to get her love.

AXN Action Awards So what?s the problem? She wants to become a nun! It is told in a flashback that her mother (Rekha) who was to become a nun was raped by a thug (Ashish Vidyarthi) whom she is forced to marry after she gets pregnant. After she delivers the child, she dies and Mr Thug turns Mr Nice Guy and vows to make his daughter a nun to fulfill his wife?s last wish! As the film moves to an illogical end Mercy has to decide between her obsessive lover and her motive in life!

To call the venture childish would be an understatement. All said and suffered we feel sorry for ?Jithen? Ramesh and Priya Mani. The only silver lining in the film is the comedy track of Vivek that raises a few laughs plus Ilayaraja?s melodious music. On the whole, Madhu is worth a snore.

Verdict: Avoidable

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