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Shaji Kailas
Jayaram, Meera Nandan, Meghna Raj
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A hero, who is the epitome of all virtues. A dumb heroine, who will do anything to earn his affection. A sidekick, who is ready to die for the hero. A second heroine, who will conveniently walk out of the frame after making some hullabaloo.

A villain, who is the symbol of all evils. Comic sequences that will make you cringe. If you are still okay with the age-old formula in Malayalam films, Shaji Kailas' Madirasi can make you feel fine at least for some moments. The rest of the world can squirm in their seats and curse themselves for buying the ticket for this misadventure!

Chandran Pillai (Jayaram) is a wealthy villager, who has a son. Bhama (Meera Nandan) is the kid's teacher, who dreams of marrying Chandran. Several boring escapades later, Chandran and his sidekick Jayapalan (Tini Tom) goes to a place called 'Madirasi' near Coimbatore to buy a cycle for the kid.

There they meet a bubbly girl named Maya (Meghna Raj). Soon after the villain of the piece makes his appearance in the form of a corrupt and ruthless cop named Devaram (John Vijay). What follows next are some absurd sequences of buffoonery that tests your patience.

This is the third movie of the year for Shaji Kailas (the fourth one has been completed as well), after The King and the Commissioner and Simhasanam. It is a surprise on why he is in a hurry to make dreadful movies one after the other? Scenarist Rajesh Jayaraman has written an absurd script that lacks any real merit.

Jayaram was riding high when he started doing silly films one after the other which resulted in a rather long hiatus. Madirasi looks almost similar to those films which forced him an abrupt retirement.

Madirasi is perhaps not meant to be taken too seriously, even as a film. Go for a walk and it could be a more useful effort than going for this farcical exercise.

Verdict: Below Average


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