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Saturday 18 February 2006

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Arjun, Vedika, Gazala

When a bilingual is made, the director has to not only include stars from both languages and he has to be loyal to at least one language. One gets the feel that Madrasi looks more like a Telugu action movie with an overdose of blood and gore.

This typical Arjun action film is set in Mumbai shot in Hyderabad studios set depicting Dharavi, the world?s biggest slum. All the characters are loud and larger-than-life. The law bending hero and law-breaking villains sling it out all over Mumbai and finally atop two trains.

Kasi (Arjun) comes to Mumbai is search of his parents killers. He eliminates two of them and while searching for the third killer, he joins the gang of Ravi Bhai (Raj Kapoor) who is fighting a turf battle with his own brother Mani Bhai (Fefsi Vijayn). Mani Bhai?s henchman is Siva (Jagapati Babu) who was an old friend of Kasi at the Vellore central jail. Kasi?s love interest is Anjali (Vedika) while Siva is married to Seeta (Gazala) and is very protective of Reghu, his brother. Kasi and Siva are constantly at each other?s throat but soon they unite against the Bhai brothers after their loved ones are killed.

The film is etched from various earlier action movies and there is a bloodbath every 15 minutes, as people are hacked to death or shot at point blank range. Both the leading men, if they are not killing, are singing songs including an item number! No wonder the film was passed with an ?A? certificate. Added to that, there is Vivek- Veneer Adai Murthy comedy track with some off-colour jokes. Technically the film is good with Digital Imaging (DI), the new wonder toy of film directors in India. And GK?s Dharavi sets are impressive. Iman?s music is repetitive though a remix of an old MGR song is ok.

All in all Madrasi is at best passable action movie.

Verdict: Average

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