Mahesh Babu fans Vs Samantha fans

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 18, 2013 11:48 hrs

Twitter today witnessed the war between Mahesh Babu`s fans and Samantha`s fans. Mahesh Babu`s fans started trending the hash-tag #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth. To which, her fans responded and started trending, #WeLoveSamantha.

This sounds so strange and silly. But welcome to the world of twitter wars. It all started with Samantha`s tweet. She expressed her displeasure with a poster saying it was regressive. Although she didn`t mention the film's name, Mahesh Babu`s fans thought that she was talking about the 1 Nenokkadine poster, in which the film`s heroine crawls.

Later Mahesh Babu`s fans started tweeting against her. All this happened on Monday. This morning, Siddharth responded through his twitter account, again not mentioning any film name or incident. "Agree or disagree all you want. The moment you question anyone`s right to an opinion, well that just makes you a bully, a terrorist even," was his tweet.

Looks like Mahesh Babu fans were irked with Sid using the strong words like `terrorist` and they started trending this #GetLostSamanthaAndSiddharth hash-tag.

Within hours, Samantha fans started trending #WeLoveSamantha, lending their support to her. This futile war on twitter by fans of several stars over various issues is the new trend on social networking sites. 

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