Mahima struggles with 'The Film'

Last Updated: Mon, Nov 01, 2004 04:53 hrs

From Filmstar to struggler, Mahima Choudhary is coming full circle in Bollywood. After trying hard to make a name for herself as an actress, she has now decided to turn writer.

Close on the heels of Tanuja Chandra's 'Filmstar', where she portrays life behind the silver screen, Mahima will once again take a no-holds-barred look at showbiz in her next project. Called simply 'The Film', it is the story of seven friends with just one dream - to find their calling in tinseltown.

"The desire to make it big in the film industry is what binds these seven people together. So you have an aspiring director, a comedian, singer, lyricist, musician, actress and scriptwriter, who are all driven by the Magic of the Movies," she says. Check out the 'Dead Rich List' on Sify Offbeat

With her romantic liaisons more talked about than her performances on screen, Mahima claims 'The Film' will show Bollywood as it really is. According to her: "The title says it all.

"'The Film' deals with everything that happens behind the scenes, it's a chance to see how the industry functions. Someone, who thinks he or she can write a script, for example, is ridiculed as a Javed Akhtar-wannabe. This is exactly how the industry often treats newcomers."

"I play the role of Sushmita, a woman who has tremendous belief in her own abilities and will not even change a word in her writings to suit the producer or director. Although she struggles just as hard as the other six members of her group, Sushmita is fiercely ambitious and that makes her a natural leader."

Bollywood, admits Mahima, can be very unkind to the average struggler. "There's defeat at every step. Like in 'The Film', newcomers are rarely encouraged to realise their dreams. It's next to impossible to find your footing unless you have immense belief in yourself and are able to carry on with grit and determination," she says.

'The Film', however, will be giving many new faces the first big break of their life. The cast includes Khaled Siddique (last seen in Joggers Park), who plays Vijay - the 'director', Ananya Khare (Choti Bahu of Devdas and Chandini Bar fame) as Nandini - the 'actress', Vaibhav Jhalani (earlier seen in Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai with his rib tickling performance) playing dim-witted Aditya - the 'comedian', Vivek Madan (the 'Close Up' ad guy) as Irfan - the 'lyricist', Chahat Khanna, who plays a budding starlet Ankita, Ravi Gosai (seen earlier in Gulzar's Maachis) - as the budding musician Raman and finally Sulabha Deshpande as Aunty Briganza - the landlady who plays host to all the above.

The narrative revolves around these seven characters, their relationships, trials, tribulations, hopes and frustrations.

Mahima hopes 'The Film' will inspire real-life strugglers to keep their dreams alive for just another day. "Maybe there's an inherent message in the fact that these seven friends one day decide to make their own film. To find out what happens next, just go and watch The Film!" she quips.

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