Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya

Last Updated: Fri, Jun 10, 2005 11:26 hrs

T Series

Music Himesh Reshammiya

Rating: *1/2

From Maine Pyar Kiya to Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. From Raam Laxman to Himesh Reshammiya…. Salman Khan's musical story sure has come a long way. In Maine Pyar Kiya which made him a star, Salman had S.P. Balasubramaniam as his ghost voice.

Now there is a mish-mash of voices trying to sound young and hip. Sameer rhymes `angle` with `scandal` and `triangle`…He also brings that thrill of a chill into Just chill. This is how the album tries to bring youngsters into its aural ambit. Himesh Reshammiya has always specialized in sounds that target themselves at instant thrill-seekers.

When he does music for a Salman starrer songs about chudis and odhnis flutter invitingly amidst a tumult of nimbly orchestrated jingles. Alas Reshammiya 'flutters' to deceive. This soundtrack with more voices than true merit just takes off in a tangent for no rhyme or reason. Laga prem rog (Alka Yagnik and Kamal Khan) and Just chill (Sonu Nigam, Jayesh Gandhi, Amrita Kak) are the two tracks that could find its junk-food métier.

`Ishq chunariya` and `Sajan tumse pyar` by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik are devoid of ulterior motifs. This let-it-all-hang-out score is no disappointment. If you've heard what Reshammiya has done in David Dhawan's earlier films you'd know exactly how boisterous and bubbly this album tries to be. Does it succeed? Why burst the bubble?

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