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P.N. Sathya
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By Moviebiz

If you are wondering why Ullas Enterprises film is titled Majestic, the reason is that the hero comes to the most famous landmark in Bangalore, the Majestic Circle and becomes a rowdy! It is the age of Rage. After seeing Majestic you feel as you had been padlocked in an airless cage while one of those honest–to-goodness unemployed guys struggles to earn a decent wage, even though he is a rowdy.

Dasa (Darshan) had a miserable childhood and he runs away from home after killing his own father who had always ill-treated his mother. He comes to Majestic circle in Bangalore and is picked up by a corrupt police officer who makes him the local dada. With the support of the police, he becomes a terror. A prostitute who is frequently picked up by the cops has a soft corner for him, but Dasa falls for a college girl Kiran (Rekha) who tries to reform him. All this leads to a bloody climax.

It is a debut film for Darshan, who is the son of late Toogudeepa Srinivas. He has come out with an impressive performance. Rekha as Kiran is good. The cast also includes Jaijagadish, Vanithavasu, Harish Roy, Ramesh Pandith and Nandish Gowda. The film produced by M.G.Ramamurthy under the Ullas Enterprise banner is directed by P.N. Sathya who has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues. The music is provided by Sadhu Kokila, while the choreographer is Sampath and Prasad. The film’s cinematographer is Anaji Nagaraj.

Verdict: Avoidable


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