Malabar Wedding

By Moviebuzz

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Movie Title

Malabar Wedding


Rajesh , Faizal

Star Cast

Indrajith, Gopika, Janardanan, Mamukkoya, Suraj Venjaramoodu

Three cheers to Rajesh and Faisal, former associates of director Priyadarsan for coming out with a refreshingly fresh Malabar Wedding. It's brave new film within the confines of the genre comedy commercial format of Malayalam cinema.

The elegant comedy is based on the popular custom prevailing in Malabar area of the state called Sora Kalyanam where friends play pranks which can at times be irritating and humiliating with the bride and groom during the wedding.

Here writer Ramesh Madhavan and the directors have woven the film around this custom and created comedy, songs, tension and twists out of it. Manukuttan (Indrajit) is the moving spirit behind conducting Sora Kalyanam's in his Ilanjikara village in Malabar area of the state. Everybody in the village like Sooraj Venjaranmoodu, Mamookoya, Biju Kuttan and others are waiting to give him back, what he dished out to others!

Manu soon falls in love with Smitha (Gopika) a girl who grew up in Kolkatta and is has come back to the village with her parents. It is payback time for his friends and enemies who gang up to give him an "unforgettable Sora Kalyanam", which turns nasty. It wrecks his marriage on the wedding night itself as Smita is found with her wrists slashed as she tries to commit suicide in humiliation!

The film is different from the run of the mill films which has been plaguing the industry. Rajesh and Faisal's treatment and packaging is fresh and interesting. However the major drawback of the film is that post-interval it drags, and the climax is the weakest link in the film. Indrajit as Manukuttan pitches his performance just right, his flair for comedy and intensity is brought out by the directors. Gopika has a wink you will miss role. The comedy brigade of Mammookoya, Sooraj and others make you laugh.

Malabar Wedding is one helluva marriage bash, that you can gatecrash into and enjoy!

Verdict- Fun & Frolic